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Labor Day Weekend - Phoenixville, Pottstown, Annapolis

It was a 3-day holiday weekend. The first two days were trips to nearby areas where I noticed there has been some cache placement activity. Saturday's trip was to Exton/Uwchlan, Phoenixville, and Pottstown, with a hike into the hills of the Lock 60 Recreation Area. Sunday's trip was to East Goshen and the Sugartown ruins, and then to the Reading area for a set of puzzle caches, including this frog geocache.

Monday's trip was a long one to a new area. Every year, I try to use the Chevys birthday coupon. The nearest Chevys locations are all on the other side of Baltimore. Last year, I went to Arundel Mills but that mall was way too busy, so I figured I'd try Annapolis instead this year. And of course, it's a good excuse to get some geocaches on the way to and in Annapolis before dinner. Annapolis is actually a decent bay town with a lot of river and bay scenery, good sculptures, and cheeky parking signs. I also stopped at Kent Island along the way and saw some unexpected cartoonish murals. Animal encounters were a theme for the day as well. There was a grasshopper who stayed still long enough for photography. And that night, a small green snake fell on my head when I brushed up against a bush. Which was a surprise because I didn't think such an urban location would have a snake in the bush.

Saturday 2016-09-03:

In the Grove (Pennsylvania)
May the Force Be With You (Pennsylvania)
Not What You Think (Pennsylvania)
Oh The Things You Will See! (Pennsylvania)
An Innovative Solution (Pennsylvania)
Water Mill Magic (Pennsylvania)
East 7 Stars (Pennsylvania)
Squirrel Haven (Pennsylvania)
End of The Trail (Pennsylvania)
Fixer-Upper (Pennsylvania)
CONGRATULATIONS Koikeeper on Your 10,000th Find!! (Pennsylvania)
Crossroads cache (Pennsylvania)
Take The High Road (Pennsylvania)
Scratching Post (Pennsylvania)
Your Library is your Paradise. (Pennsylvania)
LONELY SYCAMORE (Pennsylvania)
Vine Waterfall (Pennsylvania)
Tango's Trot (Pennsylvania)
Rohan's Run (Pennsylvania)
No more flowers... (Pennsylvania)
No Dog P (Pennsylvania)
Behind 54 (Pennsylvania)
A Little Something (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-09-04:

A Tree Grows In Ridgewood (Pennsylvania)
Right on the tower (Pennsylvania)
Historic Sugartown Ruins (Pennsylvania)
In the Valley Creek Canyon (Pennsylvania)
Cache Hunter! Know Thy Quarry! (Pennsylvania)
Ribbit! (Pennsylvania)
WHOOZZAPEZ#4 (Pennsylvania)
Mini Menagerie (Pennsylvania)
Store my log here 2 (Pennsylvania)
The Eyes Have It (Pennsylvania)
16.9 Ounce dike (Pennsylvania)
Not a K cache (Pennsylvania)
a Dead limb in the woods (Pennsylvania)
AFP (Pennsylvania)
Q (Pennsylvania)
Enter the Brush (Pennsylvania)
Bees and Deers 2. (Pennsylvania)
Guardrail Tribute (Pennsylvania)
Retire Your Flag (Pennsylvania)
WHOOZZAPEZ#3 (Pennsylvania)
Respect our Flag here 2 (Pennsylvania)
WHOOZZAPEZ#6 (Pennsylvania)
Not Itsy Bitsy (Pennsylvania)
WHOOZZAPEZ#2 (Pennsylvania)
WHOOZZAPEZ#5 (Pennsylvania)
WHOOZZAPEZ#1 (Pennsylvania)

Monday 2016-09-05:

Don't Jump Ethel! (Maryland)
No Rest for the Wicked (Maryland)
My Evil One (Maryland)
The Good Dinosaur (Maryland)
Grand old Flag (Maryland)
Old Bridge (Maryland)
P&R C&D GRC (Maryland)
Blue Buffalo (Maryland)
Picnic Time (Maryland)
Here Mousy Mousy (Maryland)
Eat Here and Get Gas (Maryland)
PCO GeoTrail #23 - No Time For This One (Maryland)
Relic Series: B&A - Ridgely Ave by cds (Maryland)
Relic Series: B&A - Shiley St by cds (Maryland)
Relic Series: B&A - King George St by cds (Maryland)
Between Morning and Midnight (Maryland)
Paca Gardens by cds (Maryland)
Hidden History Here (Maryland)
Parking at the Docks (Maryland)
Spa Creek Series: Shut Your Mouth by cds (Maryland)
Relic Series: BR&A - Bay Ridge Rd by cds (Maryland)
Relic Series: BR&A - Old Bay Ridge Rd by cds (Maryland)
Giant Spotted Dog by cds (Maryland)
Call the Spotted Dog by cds (Maryland)
HOG Heaven (Maryland)
Spa Creek Series: Top of the 'Shed by cds (Maryland)
Festivus Cachimus (Maryland)

Tags: anne arundel county, berks county, geocaching, montgomery county, queen annes county

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