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Pottstown/Collegeville, Norristown/Lansdale/Perkasie

Since it's birthday coupon season, both of the weekend's trips were planned to more or less end in an area near a restaurant where I could use a birthday coupon. Saturday's trip was to Uwchlan and Pottstown, before veering off to Sanatoga, Trappe, and Collegeville. It's one of those opposite days where the high-difficulty caches took less time and effort than the "easy" ones. I was sure I'd previously checked the exact spot in the rocks where "It's not like the others..." was hiding but didn't see it until this trip. "Singing Frog Pond" looked almost impossible to access but in the end, I only had to push through the vegetation the right way to get to the frog. Dinner was at Texas Roadhouse in Royersford and the birthday coupon got me ribs.

Sunday's trip was to Norristown, then Lansdale, Harleysville, Sellersville, and Perkasie. There were a lot of cemetery caches that day. The "Coimetromania" and "Night of the Dead" series were both located at the many cemeteries scattered around the countryside and suburbs. "Oh No My Toe" is a pair of geocaches placed for a geocacher who had toe issues. "Udderly Ridiculous" deserves mention too. It is a two-stage geocache with the first stage at a tree with cows and sheep hanging from the branches. I needed to find all the cows (but not the sheep) to get the coordinates to the final stage. I could only find five of the six cows but thank goodness I had sufficient information to figure out the last number and the coordinates. And finally, dinner was at Perkins in Doylestown to get a free Magnificent Seven.

Saturday 2016-09-10:

It's not like the others... (Pennsylvania)
Larkin's Geocache (Pennsylvania)
Guardian of the Gate (Pennsylvania)
POO BEAR (Pennsylvania)
Big Igloo (Pennsylvania)
What No Bags (Pennsylvania)
Hungery Dog (Pennsylvania)
I SAW THE LIGHT (Pennsylvania)
OLD BRIDGE (Pennsylvania)
Gnut27's First Cache (Pennsylvania)
River Troll (Pennsylvania)
Past the Playground (Pennsylvania)
Singing Frog Pond (Pennsylvania)
HOLIE GROUND (Pennsylvania)
Schuylkill Dam Series: WRONG-WAY VINCENT (Pennsylvania)
Howdy! (Pennsylvania)
There's No Place Like Home #1 (Pennsylvania)
There's No Place Like Home #2 (Pennsylvania)
SR 4011 20 (Pennsylvania)
7A (Pennsylvania)
Stockham, USA (Pennsylvania)
Money Trees (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-09-11:

Schuylkill Dam Series: RETURN OF THE SHAD (Pennsylvania)
Riverside Vibe (Pennsylvania)
Coimetromania VII (Pennsylvania)
Brelee (Pennsylvania)
Lunch Break II (Pennsylvania)
The third corner (Pennsylvania)
Coimetromania III (Pennsylvania)
Coimetromania IV (Pennsylvania)
Coimetromania IX (Pennsylvania)
Coimetromania VIII (Pennsylvania)
Coimetromania II (Pennsylvania)
WNP 1 (Pennsylvania)
Udderly Ridiculous (Pennsylvania)
Brownie (Pennsylvania)
Coimetromania V (Pennsylvania)
Oh No My Toe II (Pennsylvania)
Oh No My Toe (Pennsylvania)
Deadwood Redux (Pennsylvania)
Spring Valley Park (Pennsylvania)
Stumped in Spring Valley Park (Pennsylvania)
SVP - "Up in Arms" (Pennsylvania)
Thanks for Another Burger, greenducks! (Pennsylvania)
Coimetromania X (Pennsylvania)
New Bank (Pennsylvania)
BB & RR Favorite Store (Pennsylvania)
Amazing Attic! (Pennsylvania)
Coimetromania VI (Pennsylvania)
This Little Light of Mine (Pennsylvania)
Night of the Dead #3 of 4 (Pennsylvania)
Night of the Dead #1 of 4 (Pennsylvania)
Night of the Dead #2 of 4 (Pennsylvania)

Tags: bucks county, geocaching, montgomery county

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