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Birthday weekend - New London, Rising Sun, Conowingo, Royersford, Pottstown, Boyertown

My birthday was on a Sunday this year, so I didn't take a day off from work for that. Still it was a packed weekend. Saturday's trip was relatively local because I wanted to use the Golden Corral coupon and the only convenient Golden Corral location was not far away in Elkton. The day started with the Pokemon No geocache, a funny one in New Castle Battery Park, near home. The cache owner was just poking fun at the hordes of Pokemon Go players recently in Battery Park. To be honest though, I really haven't seen too much of that activity myself. There are small groups of players here and there but that's about it. Then I went to New London to get a set of new caches, and then to Rising Sun. Then I did a 2-mile hike on the northwest side of the Conowingo Dam. That was a lot of walking in hilly terrain but well worth doing for a set of classic cache hides that were all ammo cans. As planned, dinner was at the Elkton Golden Corral, where I did feast on various foods dipped in the chocolate fountain. (No one can tell which of those lumps are the broccoli and cauliflower. :) Chocolate-dipped strawberries are pretty good.)

Sunday's goal was to get the birthday Grand Slam at Denny's. However, Denny's is a 24-hour restaurant and I didn't necessarily have to get that for breakfast, so I was free to venture out to the wilds beyond Pottstown and come back later for it. So it was a fun day roaming the countryside of ducks, barns, covered bridges, and municipal parks with strong opinions about dogs. Despite all that, I still made it back to the local Denny's in Newark in plenty of time for a not-too-late dinner.

Saturday 2016-09-17:

Pokemon No (Delaware)
Phloyd's Phirst - It's UP to you! (Pennsylvania)
The Mayhews (Pennsylvania)
Cache an Orange (Pennsylvania)
Hangin' Out (Pennsylvania)
Land Down Under (Pennsylvania)
High Water (Pennsylvania)
Popped-in-the-Pulpit (Pennsylvania)
So many choices.... (Maryland)
Pizza Party (Maryland)
CJS - Conowingo Dam #1 (Maryland)
Conowingo Lake (Maryland)
Looking For A Sign (Maryland)
Trash Out Cache (Maryland)
Turtle down (Maryland)
CJS - Conowingo Dam #2 (Maryland)
Mason Dixon Again (Maryland)
Mansberger Park (Broad Creek Boat Ramp) (Maryland)

Sunday 2016-09-18:

Light Is The Cache (Pennsylvania)
Take me out to the ball game II! (Pennsylvania)
Hog Haven (Pennsylvania)
Seen Any Trolls? (Pennsylvania)
1984 (Pennsylvania)
Bob Wayland Memorial Park (Pennsylvania)
Freddies Friendly Park (Pennsylvania)
Finest Einest - for the geodogs! (Pennsylvania)
C-ATCH Molly, When Pigs FLY! (Pennsylvania)
Congo BLUE (Pennsylvania)
Congo RED (Pennsylvania)
Hungry Hippo (Pennsylvania)
Boyertown It's in the Ammo Can (Pennsylvania)
Hydrogen & Oxygen Meet? (Pennsylvania)
Boyertown Billboard (Pennsylvania)
Operator, well, could you help me place this call (Pennsylvania)
Duck...Duck...Brooks! (Pennsylvania)
Rails no more (Pennsylvania)
A Church On The Hill (Pennsylvania)
Morgan's Objection (Pennsylvania)
Local Heroes (Pennsylvania)
Big wheels keep on turning...not. (Pennsylvania)
Hex Marks the Spot (Pennsylvania)
Along The Manatawny (Pennsylvania)
Manatawny Park-ing Lot (Pennsylvania)
Refuel (Pennsylvania)
Bullseye #2 (Pennsylvania)
Big D (Pennsylvania)
Guardian of the garbage (Pennsylvania)
Urban Wasteland (Pennsylvania)
Where did they go?? (Pennsylvania)

Tags: berks county, cecil county, geocaching, harford county, montgomery county

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