Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


Went to Connecticut today and added another nine geocaches to the total.

Winslow Park Micro (Connecticut)
Winslow Park, Westport CT. Many dogs around. Cache was located in the unleashed zone although I was the only one going into the wooded area.

Craps (Connecticut)
Mill River Open Space, Easton CT. Part of the trail went across a narrow concrete barrier. This is the balancing act I alluded to in my online log. Apart from that, it was an easy walk and an easy find.

Captain Kidd's Treasure (Connecticut)
Silver Sands State Park, Milford CT. This cache is located on Charles Island. The trick is at low tide, you can walk on the sand bar all the way to the island. So it's an unusual adventure. I got there early and had to wait a bit for the tide to recede. Got a bit wet anyway.

Alien #1 (Connecticut)
Roosevelt Forest, Stratford CT. Wooded area with trails behind houses. Met some other geocachers, identified on the geocaching website as CTgirl, at the cache location. It's always an easy find if someone else has found it. :)

Riley's Run (Connecticut)
Shelton Reservoir area, Shelton CT. Multistage cache with two stages. Used a flashlight to find the first stage, which was very small. Second stage was easy to find but the weird thing about this part is just 15 feet or so from the cache, there is a stash of love letters. Weird.

Stratford Trolley Line (Connecticut)
Pecks Mill Pond Park, Stratford CT. Second try for this one. This time, however, the cache was halfway out of its hiding spot so it was easy to find.

Shakespeare in the Park (Connecticut)
Stratford Festival Theater grounds, Stratford CT. There's a neat sculpture of a thinking man on the theater grounds. Also my second try for this one. And also amazingly easy to find the second time around.

"V" (Connecticut)
Vietnam War Memorial, New Haven CT. A virtual cache. Nice location right by the LI Sound.

Indian Head @ East Rock (Connecticut)
East Rock Park, New Haven CT. Very hilly area. I didn't use the official parking lot because there was closer parking on the street. In this area, something that's only a few hundred feet away could still be a long walk unless you like climbing up the side of a steep hill. The trails and roads twist and turn as they change elevation. Funny thing about this park is it's full of roads and yet no one is allowed to drive in there.

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