Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Perry Hall again, Eagleville, Ambler, Willow Grove

Last weekend, I could see the "Just An LPC Cache" geocache in Perry Hall but couldn't retrieve it because it was very high up on a lamp post. On Saturday, I returned with a ladder. It was still somewhat out of reach but with a walking stick, I was able to slowly slide it down until I could get it.

Sunday's trip was to Eagleville, Skippack, Ambler, Horsham, Willow Grove, and Abington to get most of the recently placed geocaches in the "cache factory" area. One series of geocaches was all about the phobias: Swinophobia, Taurophobia, Musophobia, and Chiroptophobia, which would be the fear of pigs, cows, mice/rats, and bats, respectively. The last one had an interesting placement. The "bat cave" was a hollow tree and one had to crawl into a tree hole at the base and stand up inside the tree to retrieve the bat. So it was essential to bring a flashlight for this one. The last interesting find of the day was a dragon sculpture in the middle of the woods of High School Park in Cheltenham.

Saturday 2016-10-15:

Any Sign of the cache? (Maryland)
Watering Hole (Maryland)
Bucks Cache (Maryland)
Post Cycle (Maryland)
Illumination - Blakely (Maryland)
Just An LPC Cache (Maryland)
Great Wall of Perry Hall (Maryland)
Memories - Wooded Wonder (Maryland)
Memories - Poolside Wooded cache (Maryland)
Stop Ahead (Maryland)
See-Saw (Maryland)
Just Hanging Around (Maryland)
Bushed from all this caching (Maryland)
Perry Hall Center (Maryland)
Another Red Sign Cache (Maryland)
Another PH Library Cache (Maryland)
Cliffvale C&D (Maryland)
Green Box (Maryland)
Was a Drive-Thru (Maryland)
Backdoor Entrance/Exit (Maryland)
Den's Tree (Maryland)
Is it a guard rail hide? (Maryland)
laciporT (Maryland)
T-T-Terror (Maryland)
Math Magic (Maryland)
WM C & D #2 (Maryland)
Runoff (Maryland)
Auto Parts (Maryland)
Loading Dock LPC (Maryland)
Bay 3 (Maryland)
Cart Wheels Will Lock? (Maryland)
Department Store LPC (Maryland)
Have a slice (Maryland)
Maple 148 (Maryland)
Lightning #1 (Maryland)

Sunday 2016-10-16:

Lunch Break IV (Pennsylvania)
Swinophobia (Pennsylvania)
Orthorexia (Pennsylvania)
Methyphobia (Pennsylvania)
Taurophobia (Pennsylvania)
Zoie (Pennsylvania)
Coulrophobia (Pennsylvania)
Outdoor Destinations 7 (Pennsylvania)
A Slice of Heaven (Pennsylvania)
Musophobia (Pennsylvania)
Chiroptophobia (Pennsylvania)
Pen-Ambler Park #1 (Pennsylvania)
Pen-Ambler Park #2 (Pennsylvania)
GRT XVIII (Pennsylvania)
Riding the Rails (Pennsylvania)
R.I.P Mr.Bumphead (Pennsylvania)
# 1400 (Pennsylvania)
Blue and Purple Cheetah (Pennsylvania)
Black Hole Graffiti (Pennsylvania)
Princess Cheetah Galaxy (Pennsylvania)
Groceries (Pennsylvania)
Ardsley Castle (Pennsylvania)
Pungged in (Pennsylvania)
Penbryn Park (Pennsylvania)
Curtis Park #4 (Pennsylvania)
The Dragon's Treasure (Pennsylvania)

Tags: baltimore county, geocaching, montgomery county

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