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Perry Hall again, Northeast Philly

Another week goes by and another group of geocaches appear in the Perry Hall area. So on Saturday, I went for those. Also went a bit farther to Lutherville, Hunt Valley, and Jacksonville, where at least a few geocaches were outside of the urban sprawl, for a change of pace. Placing geocaches high up on lamp posts and signs is becoming a trend in the area. "Wrong Way, SubPar" and "Snowplowing the ManBear" were both placed that way. Fortunately, I didn't need a ladder this time. With a bit of work, I was able to get both of those down with a walking stick. "Key Lime Pie" was the best cache of the day. It's a two-stage multicache in which one has to find the lime, with attached key, and take the lime over to the pie to unlock it.

Sunday's trip was to Philadelphia, Northeast Philadelphia, and then Bensalem, Langhorne, and Levittown. It's not my favorite area but enough time has passed that there are lots of new caches around. First, I made a visit to Pier 68, one of the piers in the city that has been turned into a park. Later, there was an ampersand bench at another river view. The Veterans Memorial Park was nice too.

The problem with the Levittown / Oxford Valley area appears to be cache theft. I read the cache logs and noticed a number of notes about caches getting stolen and replaced a bunch of times. I tried to find a bunch of geocaches in that area anyway. Some were still there but I had no idea about the others. I logged my DNFs and by the next day, I saw that the cache owner had archived some of the missing caches. This is not the first time I've seen this problem. Sadly, nothing much can be done except wait for the cache thief to get tired of stealing caches. Thankfully, it seems to be fairly localized to a small area.

Saturday 2016-10-22:

Behind "WISE" (Maryland)
Exit... Stage Left (Maryland)
Where's Kate? (Maryland)
White Border = Optional (Maryland)
Upton Road C&D #1 (Maryland)
Upton Road C&D #2 (Maryland)
No Parking (Maryland)
These Red Signs Are Everywhere! (Maryland)
End of Proctor Lane (Maryland)
Across from Big K (Maryland)
Small Seeker's Hide Creature (Maryland)
Reading the Signs (Maryland)
Where It All Began (Maryland)
Four Corners C&D (Maryland)
Urgent Cache Care (Maryland)
Mario 1 (Maryland)
Wrong Way, SubPar (Maryland)
Jacksonville (Maryland)
Just another Church #2 (Maryland)
Jarrettsville Pike and Blenheim Road (Maryland)
Stop at 1111?!?... 1112? (Maryland)
Snowplowing the ManBear (Maryland)
Key Lime Pie (Maryland)
Family Time (Maryland)

Sunday 2016-10-23:

Gotta hava cache (Pennsylvania)
S.S. UNITED STATES (Pennsylvania)
DRT - Pier 68 (Pennsylvania)
PCT #2 (Pennsylvania)
Thank you very much, Mr. Ducksworth (Pennsylvania)
The Dude Abides (Pennsylvania)
What a Wonderful Area V (Pennsylvania)
Between 2 Play Areas (Pennsylvania)
#3 Fleuhr Park Redux (Pennsylvania)
#2 Fleuhr Park Redux (Pennsylvania)
#1 Fleuhr Park Redux (Pennsylvania)
Fluehr Park Multi (Pennsylvania)
Delaware River View (Pennsylvania)
Hanging Out (Pennsylvania)
Real Men Don't Care About Poison Ivy (Pennsylvania)
Shopping Center Cache III (Pennsylvania)
School's Out (Pennsylvania)
Bensalem Community Park (Pennsylvania)
Roosevelt #1 (Pennsylvania)
What A Wonderful Area VI (Pennsylvania)
A Walk in the Park (Pennsylvania)
Good Winter View of I-95 (Pennsylvania)
Thank a Veteran (Pennsylvania)
My Karma Ran Over My Dogma (Pennsylvania)
What A Wonderful Area VII (Pennsylvania)

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