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Metro Gathering 2016

This weekend, I went to Northern New Jersey for Metro Gathering 2016, a geocaching mega event. (A mega-event is an event with at least 500 attendees.) Just like the previous year, there was an overlap between a furry con and this mega event. Last year though, FA United and Metro Gathering were both in the same general area so I was able to attend both. That's not possible this year, since Furpocalypse, the furry con happening this weekend, is much farther away in Connecticut. I had to pick one and Metro Gathering was it because I've already had enough furry cons this year. Hopefully next year, there won't be an event conflict.

There were actually two events. The "Pre~Metro Gathering Mega Meet and Greet" was held the night before at the Mt. Allamuchy Scout Reservation. It was a pot-luck dinner, with the addition of Halloween candy and some spooky food items. Saturday was the day of the main event at Waterloo Village. Since it's the Halloween weekend they had a "haunted village" theme. The sign-in log was a skeleton. There was a spider lair, a bat cache, and a werewolf, among other things. It was also an opportunity to see some interesting gadget caches that were on display. Also, a large bison tube was at the entrance. After finishing the caches in the village and chatting with some of my friends, I went for a hike along the Morris Canal Greenway and in Stephens State Park to get a series of caches that was placed for the event. All in all, it was quite a day!

Aside from attending the pre-mega and mega events, I also took the opportunity to find caches around Hackettstown, Rockaway, Dover, Denville, Ledgewood, Wharton, Succasunna, and Roxbury. Cache sites ranged from suburban and downtown areas to fishing areas and streams in the countryside. In addition, I hit the Bridgewater / South Plainfield / Piscataway area both on the way there and on the way home.

Thursday 2016-10-27:

Branching Out (New Jersey)
Rejected! (New Jersey)
Woody's Rest Stop (New Jersey)
444 Hanson Ave (New Jersey)
Im a skater (New Jersey)
Another wonderful local park (New Jersey)
Poppin' Caps (New Jersey)
Possum in a Tree (New Jersey)
Piscataway Pool (New Jersey)
Lonely lot (New Jersey)
Caching on your run (New Jersey)
Can You Hear Me Now (New Jersey)
Support (New Jersey)
Lincoln, Lincoln, I've Been Thinkin' (New Jersey)
Hello? (New Jersey)
Washington Memorial Park (New Jersey)
10th. Inning (New Jersey)
Walk On LakeView Ave (New Jersey)
work it out (New Jersey)
Chasing a Smiley (New Jersey)
Take a rest (New Jersey)
Critical Hit (New Jersey)
Cocktail Cache: Make Mine a Hurricane! (New Jersey)
Cache for Burgers (New Jersey)
Livingston Favorite #1 - Stagecoach Stop (New Jersey)
New Jersey Borders Memorial #14: Livingston (New Jersey)
Guarding the Cars (New Jersey)
New Jersey Borders Memorial #4: Rockaway (New Jersey)
Let There be Shopping (New Jersey)
The Back Lot (New Jersey)
Happy Tails (New Jersey)
Say Cheese (New Jersey)

Friday 2016-10-28:

I saw the sign (New Jersey)
Mooney & Conkling (New Jersey)
GS19 (New Jersey)
S3K #9 (New Jersey)
Blue Trail Hide Veterans Park (New Jersey)
Foul Ball (New Jersey)
Lynzie's 30th Birthday Redux (New Jersey)
Just Hanging Out in Ledgewood (New Jersey)
S3K #23 (New Jersey)
Yum Yum (New Jersey)
Centerfield (New Jersey)
Play ball! (New Jersey)
Pre~Metro Gathering Mega Meet and Greet (New Jersey)
Toby Hydrant (New Jersey)
Warning - No Dumping (New Jersey)
Fido's Message Center (New Jersey)
Corner Hydrant (New Jersey)
4 Tons (New Jersey)
25 MPH (New Jersey)
S3K #7 (New Jersey)
Sisters House (New Jersey)
Before and After (New Jersey)
S3K #4 (New Jersey)
Gold Shop (New Jersey)
S3K #24 (New Jersey)
Up In Smoke (New Jersey)
S3K #15 (New Jersey)
Pearly Gates #3 (New Jersey)
A Cache for Ruth (New Jersey)
Melts in your mouth not in your hand #1 (New Jersey)
Alphabet Soup (Two): T is for Team Sergeantsville (New Jersey)
The Kings Bridge (New Jersey)
First date (New Jersey)
R3J #1 (New Jersey)
The Working Farm ~ APT (New Jersey)
THIS IS 40 (New Jersey)

Saturday 2016-10-29:

Waterloo Village Historic Site (New Jersey)
Waterloo Village ~ Now and Then (New Jersey)
2016 Metro Gathering Event ~ Haunted Village (New Jersey)
The Water Flume 2 (Pennsylvania)
Murder Mystery at Waterloo Village (New Jersey)
The Lenape Village (New Jersey)
The Saxton Falls Dam (New Jersey)
Bungalows (New Jersey)
The Canal Era (New Jersey)
Anthracite Canals (New Jersey)
Decline of the Canals (New Jersey)
The Saxton Lock (New Jersey)
"If you kill less, you'll catch more" (New Jersey)
World-class fly-fishing (New Jersey)
Along the River Trail (New Jersey)
Island View (New Jersey)
Lost Sections of Patriots Path - Western Terminus (New Jersey)
Musconetcong River (New Jersey)
Old Camp Grill (New Jersey)
The Old Homested (New Jersey)
Praying Mantis Man Legend (New Jersey)
Limestone Geology (New Jersey)
Brown Trout (New Jersey)
Mountain Stream (New Jersey)
Just Another Park 2 (New Jersey)
Byram P&G'S 5 (New Jersey)
Byram P&G's 4 (New Jersey)
Byram P&G's 2 (New Jersey)
MOH 21 BART, FRANK J. (New Jersey)
Andover P&G 1 (New Jersey)
Here Fishy Fishy (New Jersey)

Sunday 2016-10-30:

Secret Road (New Jersey)
Outside the Cage (New Jersey)
Watch Out! (New Jersey)
Freely Get, Freely Give (New Jersey)
Kids Love This Place (New Jersey)
March Hare - Wonderland Series (New Jersey)
Geese and Gas (New Jersey)
What are they wearing? (New Jersey)
S3K #10 (New Jersey)
Dude, Where did the cats go? (New Jersey)
The corner of Elm and Pine (New Jersey)
German Town (New Jersey)
Forgotten Footpath - Mekeel To Oak (New Jersey)
Rockaway Video III - TheRogue! Redux (New Jersey)
Morris Canal - Fox's Brook Aqueduct (New Jersey)
Cocktail Cache: Margaritaville (New Jersey)
Barnstormer III (New Jersey)
White Meadow Brook (New Jersey)
Eager Beaver (New Jersey)
Well...I've Lunched Here (New Jersey)
BYE-BYE Pugnuts (New Jersey)
Neglected Little Park (New Jersey)
Impulse Cache (New Jersey)
The Pugnuts are Moving to Georgia (New Jersey)

Monday 2016-10-31:

Watch Out For Those Turtles (New Jersey)
Lost Sections of Patriots Path - Wally (New Jersey)
Shadows Of Route 10 (New Jersey)
Forgotten Rock Wall - Kitchell Estate (New Jersey)
Forest Animals (New Jersey)
Turtle Swamp TB Resort (New Jersey)
The Silver Brook Water Works (New Jersey)
The Gatehouse at Harding / TB Hotel (New Jersey)
CROSSINGS #3 (New Jersey)
Beamer Haven (New Jersey)
Needle in a Haystack (New Jersey)
Bridgewater Mall Solar Farm (New Jersey)
Native American Tribes - Abenaki (New Jersey)
Native American Tribes - Chickasaw (New Jersey)
Native American Tribes - Illinois Confederation (New Jersey)
Julian's First Cache (New Jersey)
Elliot's First Cache (New Jersey)

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