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Half of the Longest Geocache

After finishing off a few new geocaches in Pike Creek and Hockessin on Saturday, I went to Kennett Square, Marlborough, Unionville, Downingtown, and West Brandywine, generally heading northwards through Chester County. I hadn't been up that way in a while and so I took the opportunity to finally get some of those caches that were placed for an event months ago that I didn't attend. I also finally finished a few Wherigo caches. "Poker Run #2 2016" was one that I only noticed that day, but I downloaded the Wherigo cartridge using mobile data and it was a quick solve. (Only one question about poker hands!) "MEET EAT & GREET" was a far more difficult Wherigo but I'd already solved it 6 months ago and still had the coordinates and notes I needed to find the cache. Although the area is hilly, there were a number of scenic ponds and lakes, such as Broad Run Pond and Chambers Lake.

The real purpose of Sunday's trip was to get "Halfway! (to Delaware's Longest Geocache)" in Central Delaware. It's a long walk on an old road out into a marsh. I found Delaware's Longest Geocache a few years ago and that was 2.6 miles from parking, so halfway would be roughly 1.3 miles. There were two other caches along the way but for the most part, it was a long walk in a quiet area with a bit of variation in scenery. Aside from that, I also found clusters of geocaches in Glasgow, Milford, and Seaford. The caches down by Seaford were somewhat amusing. There was a wolf geocache, a rat cache, a pumpkin cache, and a cache on a giant chair.

Saturday 2016-11-12:

Hanging Out in Limestone Hills, Again (Delaware)
Rockin' Around the Tree (Delaware)
Timber! (Pennsylvania)
Recovery! (Pennsylvania)
Poker Run #2 2016 (Pennsylvania)
URA Center Field HR (Pennsylvania)
Unionville Community Park Troll (Pennsylvania)
Poker Run#1 2016 (Pennsylvania)
The Main Drain (Pennsylvania)
Cole's cache #2 "Shadyside Park" (Pennsylvania)
Pond Loop @ BRP (Pennsylvania)
Poker Run #5 2016 (Pennsylvania)
Wild Turkeys (Pennsylvania)
MEET EAT & GREET (Pennsylvania)
WB1 (Pennsylvania)
WB3 (Pennsylvania)
HP Mansion (Pennsylvania)
HP Fiddlers Rocks (Pennsylvania)
HP Fiddlers Stage (Pennsylvania)
HP Chambers Lake (Pennsylvania)
Sadsbury Woods Parking (Pennsylvania)
"Self Stored" Cache (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-11-13:

Have You Heard Of Geocaching? (Delaware)
D.O.A. (Delaware)
Take a Hike! (Delaware)
Go Fish??? (Delaware)
Oreo Cows (Delaware)
Start Here (Delaware)
Half Way to Half Way (Delaware)
Halfway! (to Delaware's Longest Geocache?) (Delaware)
In to the light (Delaware)
No cookies here (Delaware)
Waterfall Cache (Delaware)
Brake in the middle of nowhere (Delaware)
Have You Seen Red Riding Hood? (Delaware)
Where Pumpkins Fly (Delaware)
'Round and 'Round They Go (Delaware)
You've Got a Friend in Me (Delaware)
...and that's the truth, plbt plbt plbt (Delaware)
Tractor Song (Delaware)

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