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Thanksgiving Weekend - The 4-Days 4-Directions Tour

I had a 4-day weekend. This time, I decided to go a different direction each day even though I thought some areas had enough for more than a day of geocaching. So there was a variety of environments, terrain, and geocache placement styles. Common thread throughout the weekend is there wasn't enough daylight to do more than the quickest, simplest caches but I mixed in some short and medium hikes in places where there were several caches along the same trail.

Thursday's trip was southwest to Maryland via US-1 to Rising Sun, Bel Air, and Jacksonville. The donut was an unusual character. The hike of the day was in the Sweet Air section of Gunpowder State Park. This area had two challenge caches. I had doubts about one of the two (difficulty/terrain grid bingo) but it turned out that I qualified in 3 different ways. I ran short of daylight on this one and wasn't able to get to the mystery caches in the deepest part of the woods, so maybe next time.

Friday's trip was southeast to South Jersey in the areas of Woodstown, Franklin, Sicklerville, and Williamstown. The hike of the day was at Owens Park in Monroe Township. It had been renamed "Mystery Park" and now sports a series of 7 puzzle caches. None of those puzzles were difficult but it's nice to have some non-traditional caches.

Saturday's trip was northwest to Pottstown, Sanatoga, Pottsgrove, and Amityville. I noticed that cachers in this area have started placing tricky caches, but fortunately I've seen those tricks before. Only the first one took longer to find because I didn't expect that kind of hide in the Pottstown area. Experience is not always helpful. You may have seen it before but you still figure out somehow that it's what you need to look for.

Sunday's trip was northeast to North Wales, Doylestown, and Quakertown. The hike of the day was in Covered Bridge Park, New Britain, for a group of 3 caches. I did also make it to Peace Valley Park, but it was late in the afternoon by then so I had to limit my scope to 3 caches that weren't far from two of the parking areas.

Thursday 2016-11-24:

Little league Cache (Maryland)
Ump35 & Bee's D/T BINGO Challenge (Maryland) (Maryland)
Ump35 & Bee's Calendar Challenge Cache (Maryland)
Riley's Fantastic Cache (Maryland)
Kiki's Marvelous Cache (Maryland)
Dem Donuts (Maryland)
Round and Round She Goes... (Maryland)
Forever Alone (Maryland)
BTC-Sweet Air #1 (Maryland)
Cody Jean (Maryland)
Ranger Rick's Sweet Air Pines: Gunpowder StatePark (Maryland)
Beat the Clock-Sweet Air (Maryland)
Sweet Air at 3:00 (Maryland)
Adding O2 to the Sweet Air (Maryland)
Jacksonville #2 (Maryland)
Donner (Donder) (Maryland)
Find the coffee (Maryland)

Friday 2016-11-25:

Murphy is hiding (New Jersey)
Go GREEN (New Jersey)
The Orange Park (New Jersey)
Big Guns (New Jersey)
Just a Plain-ville Cache (New Jersey)
FTPL#1: Why Did the Cacher Cross the Road? (New Jersey)
Clear Cut Cache (New Jersey)
Somewhere in the Middle (New Jersey)
Mystery Park #5 (New Jersey)
Mystery Park #6 (New Jersey)
Mystery Park #7 (New Jersey)
Mystery Park Multi (New Jersey)
Mystery Park #3 (New Jersey)
Mystery Park #2 (New Jersey)
Mystery Park #1 (New Jersey)
Mystery Park #4 (New Jersey)
Pirates booty (New Jersey)
O.F.T.B #4 (New Jersey)

Saturday 2016-11-26:

Pete and RePete's 1st Cache (Pennsylvania)
Queen of Mystery (Pennsylvania)
Where's the money (Pennsylvania)
GOOOOOOOAL!!!!! 2 (Pennsylvania)
GOOOOOOOAL!!!!! 3 (Pennsylvania)
Hole In One (Pennsylvania)
422 VIEW (Pennsylvania)
Rock Bottom (Pennsylvania)
Cornerstone's Little Library (Pennsylvania)
Along Hole #5 (Pennsylvania)
Paul's Treasure (Pennsylvania)
Manatawny Creek View (Pennsylvania)
Backside View (Pennsylvania)
Keep Your Head In The Clouds (Pennsylvania)
One Or Five (Pennsylvania)
I've got my Chanisaw... (Pennsylvania)
St. Pauley's Girl (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-11-27:

Thanatophobia (Pennsylvania)
Aichmophobia (Pennsylvania)
Cervidaephobia (Pennsylvania)
Lunch Break V (Pennsylvania)
Bancophobia (Pennsylvania)
A Cache for greenducks (and you) to Drive to (Pennsylvania)
A Cache for *beentheredonethat* (and you) (Pennsylvania)
Sure and Begorrah! (Pennsylvania)
Taphophilia (Pennsylvania)
Hey, Another Ball Field Cache! (Pennsylvania)
Hornbaker Should Have Put One Here (Pennsylvania)
Another Spring Valley Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Nature Trail (Pennsylvania)
Covered Bridge Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Hope This Halloween Is Bigger Then The Last (Pennsylvania)
I'm Free! (Pennsylvania)
A Very Tacky Cache (Pennsylvania)
The Dam Cache II (Pennsylvania)
Cubby's Wet Feet (Pennsylvania)
Lunch Break III (Pennsylvania)
Erotophobia (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to Quakertown (Pennsylvania)

Tags: bucks county, cecil county, geocaching, harford county, montgomery county, south jersey, thanksgiving

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