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Evening walk up the stone steps

Went out this evening to check on Limpidity-4: George Washington's StairMaster. It's my geocache located on top of Watnong Mountain in Mountain Way Park, Parsippany NJ. The log book was full so I brought a new one and took the old book home to scan.

I placed this geocache after reading about the stone steps in Weird NJ magazine. There used to be information posted on the notice board in the parking area but that's now gone. So here's what they had to say about the steps:

Central to the lot is an extensive set of stone steps, reputedly laid by engineers and/or scouts for General George Washington during the Revolutionary War. They facilitated the climb to the south face of the then denuded top of Watnong Mountain. Here a massive bonfire was laid as a warning beacon to alert American troops in the Jockey Hollow area to any strategic movement undertaken by the British. There seems to be little doubt about the authenticity of the beacon site.

The blocky step-like stones are mostly still there. Some parts of the stairs are less well-defined than others though and trail maintainers have added steel rods to support some of the steps. Even so, it's rather well-preserved if it is indeed as old as the historical note implies.

I took a picture looking upwards from the bottommost steps.

After that, I went to the Garden State Plaza... umm... I mean the Westfield Shoppingtown Garden State Plaza. The Wiz is no longer in business and it's strange seeing the empty building in the parking lot with no cars parked around it.

Also found this Natural George while entering dollar bills this evening. A Natural George is a bill that has been entered into Where's George? but not marked. So it's a surprise when I see the bill's history.

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