Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Northern Edge, Lake Towhee, Memory Lane

Saturday's geocache outing was to Exeter, Fleetwood, Lyons, Bowers, Topton, Maxatawny, and Breinigsville, pretty much at the Northern edge of my range. (for now) The caches were all rather conventional, except for the cat and the ten commandments tablet. What's amazing about this area is the way some caches don't get stolen even if one might think those are way too obvious. "Falling Forrest", for instance, is a regular-sized cache that is near a road, just sitting on the grass in an open area. There are notes in the log book from people who have found it by accident.

Sunday's trip was to Quakertown, with the intention of hitting Lake Towhee and Memory Lane. (SGL 157) Geocaching around Lake Towhee was somewhat of a dud. I noticed that the first few geocaches were not in hiding spots that the coordinates, hints, and log entries all clearly pointed to. I tried all the other caches around the lake and they were likewise not to be found. It looked like the work of someone who had a vendetta against this particular cache owner because I did find one cache placed by someone else that was still safely in place. After that, I moved on to State Game Lands 157 and had better luck there. It's the area that Taxman calls Memory Lane because he used to go hunting and target shooting there in his younger days. Now, he has a bunch of caches there.

Saturday 2016-12-03:

L.I.W. - XXVII (Pennsylvania)
B.S. XVIII (Pennsylvania)
L.I.W. - XXXV (Pennsylvania)
Where Little Phillies Grow (Pennsylvania)
eleventh Commandment (Pennsylvania)
Hang me (Pennsylvania)
Pine EEE (Pennsylvania)
Catch Of The Day (Pennsylvania)
Meadow Cat (Pennsylvania)
Llama My Momma! (Pennsylvania)
Horse Crazy (Pennsylvania)
Falling Forrest (Pennsylvania)
This used to be our playground (Pennsylvania)
Very Official Geocache! (Pennsylvania)
B.S. XI (Pennsylvania)
Ash's Elbow (Pennsylvania)
Pop the Top! (Pennsylvania)
Weiss Rd (Pennsylvania)
As the Traffic Really Goes Whizzing By...... (Pennsylvania)
Caching at the rail (Pennsylvania)
Little Red Riding Hood at the Movies (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-12-04:

Main Street Park (Pennsylvania)
NHL Series: "The Detroit Red Wings" (Pennsylvania)
towhee's dry side (Pennsylvania)
Liberty's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Memory Lane Cache #3 (Pennsylvania)
Memory Lane Cache #2 (Pennsylvania)
Memory Lane Cache #1 (Pennsylvania)

Tags: berks county, bucks county, geocaching

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