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Christmas Coffee Cup Clash / NJ Christmunz Party and NE Baltimore

Saturday was a big day because I had a combined geocaching and Munzee event in Allentown, NJ. The geocaching event was "Christmas Coffee Cup Clash" and the Munzee event was "NJ Christmunz Party". Both were held at the same time in the NJ Fire Museum office. The museum wasn't actually open for visitors yet but we had permission to enter and view the exhibits during the event. They have antique teletype equipment on display in the office and vintage fire trucks in the barn. Anyway, I've been to lots of geocaching events before but this was my first Munzee event. Munzee took center stage this time. There were a lot of codes to capture in the building and out on the museum grounds. There was also an Eventzee scavenger hunt. It was a cold day so thankfully most of the scavenger hunt items were available in the fire museum office.

After the event, I went geocaching in Crosswicks, Wrightstown, Cookstown, and New Egypt. The area is mostly small towns and countryside. Fortunately, there wasn't any hunting going on at the Crosswicks Greenway, so I was able to take a walk around the pond. There were also cows in Cookstown and hairy tree lumps in New Egypt.

Sunday's trip was to Glasgow, Edgewood, Middle River, Rosedale, Overlea, Parkville, and Towson, going from Northeast Baltimore to North Baltimore. I'd been to the area not so long ago but there were enough caches that I wasn't able to get to on previous trips to make a full day. Now that the foliage is down, it was the perfect opportunity to go for "Clayton Road Park Bushwack". There were a few other wooded areas that were dense and would've been a problem in the summer too. "Carmaggedon" was the interesting cache site of the day. It's at the top of a parking garage in Towson with free parking. Hardly anyone uses that parking garage on the weekend so it was fun to drive round and round all the way up.

Saturday 2016-12-10:

A.C.W.A.C. NOT! XXIV (New Jersey)
Christmas Coffee Cup Clash (New Jersey)
Don't Fence Me In (New Jersey)
#2 Crosswicks Greenway – Fishing Hole (New Jersey)
Cache of Happiness (New Jersey)
#3 Crosswicks Greenway – Solitude (New Jersey)
#4 Crosswicks Greenway – What a view (New Jersey)
#5 Crosswicks Greenway – El Diablo (New Jersey)
A.C.W.A.C. NOT! XXIII (New Jersey)
A.C.W.A.C. NOT! XXVIII (New Jersey)
A.C.W.A.C. NOT! XXIX (New Jersey)
609 (New Jersey)
We Salute You: Wrightstown (New Jersey)
North Run Tributary (New Jersey)
Rubber meets the road (New Jersey)
R 'n' J (New Jersey)
Plumsted Recreation Park (New Jersey)
Petticoat Bridge (New Jersey)

Sunday 2016-12-11:

Buddy (Delaware)
Geocaching ROCKS! (Delaware)
Old Man in the Woods (Delaware)
Skull and Bones #7 (Maryland)
Skull and Bones #9 (Maryland)
SF CND (Maryland)
SF CND 2 (Maryland)
This Cache Has Crabs!!! (Maryland)
The Lion Puzzle Cache (Maryland)
Hazel Would (Maryland)
Wash Away My Sins (Maryland)
Be Glad You Don't Have to Mow the Lawn! (Maryland)
Parkwood Cemetery - Pile of Sticks (Maryland)
Handle With Care (Maryland)
ɡärdrāl (Maryland)
Towson Tree Time (Maryland)
Shopping again? (Maryland)
Carmaggedon (Maryland)
1134 (Maryland)

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