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New Year's Weekend

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day fall on the weekend this time but I had Friday off too. Friday's trip was to Lancaster County since I hadn't been there in a while. Tried to get a few more geocaches on the Manheim and Mount Joy side of the county since I'd skipped those on previous trips. The most interesting location was the circle of rocks, like a small Stonehenge, in Manheim.

Saturday's trip was first to Morgantown, to finish the "Morgantown Overlook" multi-cache. I got the first 3 stages last weekend but I could not complete it then because it got dark. After that, I hit the Reading, Leesport, and Lenhartsville areas with a stop in the oddly-named Virginville. For the day, there were some unusual caches and a mysterious stone artifact.

And finally, Sunday's outing was to Hammonton, Egg Harbor City, Laureldale, and Mays Landing in South Jersey. I hadn't been to that area in quite a long time so there were lots of new caches. The view of Lake Lenape in Mays Landing was pretty clear on a winter's day.

Friday 2016-12-30:

John Book and the phone booth (Pennsylvania)
Inside The Red Box (Pennsylvania)
Hemlock Haven (Pennsylvania)
A Long Time Coming (Pennsylvania)
A Christmas Cache (Pennsylvania)
Reading is FUNdamental! (Pennsylvania)
Dancing Troll (Pennsylvania)
The Cassie Cache (Pennsylvania)
The Cassie Reserve (Pennsylvania)
Цвинтар - Witness Park Cemetery (Pennsylvania)
Hole Lotta Fun (Pennsylvania)
There are a hole lot of trees here... (Pennsylvania)
Logan Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
BR & CR - Repeater - Don't fly by (Pennsylvania)
BR - Insideout (Pennsylvania)
Weighty Responsibilities (Pennsylvania)
CLUE TOO: #18 Gamepiece (Pennsylvania)
The Elizabethtown White Box (Pennsylvania)

Saturday 2016-12-31:

Morgantown Overlook (Pennsylvania)
STOP , they are not candy canes (Pennsylvania)
Baby mamarmoset (Pennsylvania)
Duncan's canal (Pennsylvania)
BYE: Year 5 (Pennsylvania)
Just For The Numbers (Pennsylvania)
Leesport Multi (Pennsylvania)
L.I.W. - XXXIII (Pennsylvania)
B.S. - XIX (Pennsylvania)
365-600 (Pennsylvania)
L.I.W. XXV (Pennsylvania)
A Little PA Dutch (Pennsylvania)
crystal church (Pennsylvania)
sunday school (Pennsylvania)
Lying In Wait - XI (Pennsylvania)
143 & I-78 (Pennsylvania)
Do or Donat (Pennsylvania)
Ron's Love Redux (Pennsylvania)
Pinnacle Ridge Winery (Pennsylvania)
Stethophyma grossum (Pennsylvania)
BSA Troop 101 Kutztown Merit Badge Series #2 (Pennsylvania)
One For the Truckers (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2017-01-01:

AFGC-Espresso#11 Hometown Cache (New Jersey)
Left or Right….Or below? (New Jersey)
Camo Cache (New Jersey)
Penny for your Thoughts (New Jersey)
Guardian of the River Revisited (New Jersey)
Dont knock over my tee (New Jersey)
out of a toddlers reach (New Jersey)
Put your lips together and blow (New Jersey)
Campfire77 hits 2000 (New Jersey)
Dragon Slayer (New Jersey)
Flash in the Woods (New Jersey)
Lightly Guarded (New Jersey)
Cedar on Holly (New Jersey)
Express Grab (New Jersey)
Just a walk away (New Jersey)
Soccer Log (New Jersey)
West Side of Laureldale (New Jersey)
Laureldale Pit Stop (New Jersey)
Rescue Me (New Jersey)
Lenape S Turn (New Jersey)
View of Lake Lenape (New Jersey)
War Memorial Park (New Jersey)
Fishin Hole (New Jersey)
Lake Lenape Hidey Hole (New Jersey)
Harding Lakes 1 (New Jersey)
Sandwash Trail 1 (New Jersey)

Tags: berks county, geocaching, lancaster county, south jersey

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