Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Southern Delaware, Mays Landing / Egg Harbor Township / Northfield, Logan / Oaklyn / Pennsauken

Saturday's trip was in-state to the south. There was a bit of snow in the weather forecast but it turned out to be merely a rainy day. The goal was to find a set of 4 puzzle caches around Dover and Camden, although later, I continued farther south to Seaford, Woodland, and Laurel. The most interesting themed cache of the day was a money bag. It's from the story in the description of "Lassie Knows Best".

Sunday's trip was an expansion farther east in deep South Jersey towards Atlantic City. There were caches in Bridgeton, Mays Landing, Estelle Manor, Egg Harbor Township and Northfield. Most unusual cache of the day was a weathered-look skull in Egg Harbor Township. Despite this being an above-average day of winter geocaching, the real story of the day was Munzee. I saw that the town of Northfield was packed with those and captured enough to make it my first day with 10K points!

Had the day off on Monday for Martin Luther King Day, so I decided to attend the "FLIPPING SERIOUSLY 5 YEARS?" geocaching event in Oaklyn. The event was to celebrate Forbez's 5-year geocaching streak. That is a very impressive accomplishment because the most number of days in a row I've gone caching was 67 and I thought that was already pretty hard. Two notable geocaches of the day were a snake on a piece of wood and a frog on a stump.

Saturday 2017-01-14:

St George's Cemetery (Delaware)
Scytale (Delaware)
Lassie Knows Best (Delaware)
The Pretty Secure but Not Unbreakable Cipher (Delaware)
Turn Turn Turn (Delaware)
"Over The Top" (Delaware)
Dry Land ? (Delaware)
Mr. Woodpecker (Delaware)
A Birthday Wish (Delaware)
I Walk the Line (Delaware)
Down By the Old Mill Stream (Delaware)
Quail (Delaware)
The Graffiti Zone (Delaware)

Sunday 2017-01-15:

R.R.S.S (New Jersey)
Keeper of the Guard (New Jersey)
The Turtle King (New Jersey)
West side park cache (New Jersey)
Just another cemetery cache (New Jersey)
Which Direction to Camden? (New Jersey)
The Planet of Oz (New Jersey)
$621.21-Bargaintown (New Jersey)
First Woman Mayor in NJ (New Jersey)
Atlantic County Park TB Hotel (New Jersey)
Jersey Shore Council BSA (EM) (New Jersey)
Ground Glass (New Jersey)
Steelman Tavern (New Jersey)
Meet Me At The "Y" (New Jersey)
Take Your Vitamins (New Jersey)
My Kia Treed A Bear! (New Jersey)
Save Money Live Better (New Jersey)
1st fam15 (New Jersey)
"LaZZZZZy or CraZZZZy" (New Jersey)
Unmarked Grave (New Jersey)
Running through a cemitary (New Jersey)
Cup Cake (New Jersey)
Silver Bowl (New Jersey)
Pumped Up!! (New Jersey)
VFW cache (New Jersey)
BP - Mudwhore's Evil Laboratory (New Jersey)

Monday 2017-01-16:

Ya Filthy Animal (New Jersey)
Deck the Halls (New Jersey)
Toadally Awesome Dude (New Jersey)
Reflective Makenavin (New Jersey)
Aunt Jane's House (New Jersey)
Shamma Lamma (New Jersey)
Don't Spend Too Much "Cache" (New Jersey)
Ode To The "Twp." Hide (New Jersey)
An Educational Ride (New Jersey)
I Like Turtles! (New Jersey)
Sympathy For The Simple (New Jersey)
Stairway to Heaven (New Jersey)
Slim's Ranch Treasures (New Jersey)
to walk a straight line (New Jersey)
Quckie at the Cooper (New Jersey)
Lucky Number 7 (New Jersey)
The Hidden Cove (New Jersey)
Rocky Road Fix (New Jersey)

Tags: geocaching, lower delaware, south jersey

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