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Rainy Weekend

The weekend was two whole days of foggy and damp weather. It rained a bit more on Sunday than on Saturday. On Saturday, I returned to the same area in South Jersey as the previous trip to finish off more of the caches I didn't have time for before. Went to Mullica Hill, Deptford, Marlton, and Voorhees. I got more caches in built-up areas because I knew wooded areas would be wet and muddy, although I did take a bit of a walk for "New Jersey Hangman Cache #1: Constellations" and "Over the hills". The most interesting location was the labyrinth at "Labyrinth in Cherry Hill" and the strange object of the day was a plastic torpedo, which turned out to not be the cache even though it was very near the cache site. "This Cache Really Blows!" was the last find of the day only because I had to return at night for it. It is located right next to a Wawa air pump that is constantly in use during the daytime. Sometimes you just have to come back later for a cache.

Sunday's trip was to the Baltimore area, specifically Middle River, Essex, Parkville, and Towson. The caches were mostly new ones, although there were two, "Coffee Break" and "Illumination", that were missing on my previously but have recently been replaced.

Saturday 2017-01-21:

Honoring Mortimer (New Jersey)
I climbed a tree.... Kind of. (New Jersey)
Hat Trick 9-Stauffer Fields (New Jersey)
If you water it (New Jersey)
Labyrinth in Cherry Hill (New Jersey)
Geocaching Merit Badge (New Jersey)
The Super Series #1 (New Jersey)
A New Years Day Cache (New Jersey)
Happy 18th Birthday, AuntKaren (New Jersey)
Downward Dog (New Jersey)
Cookies - Yum!!! (New Jersey)
Over the hills (New Jersey)
New Jersey Hangman Cache #1: Constellations (New Jersey)
Bottom of the 9th (New Jersey)
02/29/2016 (New Jersey)
O.F.T.B #2 (New Jersey)
Lucky 7 (New Jersey)
This Cache Really Blows! (New Jersey)

Sunday 2017-01-22:

Arithmetic 104 (Delaware)
Drain to the Alley (Maryland)
MR.T Blue & Silver (Maryland)
BEWARE of Bowtruckles! (Maryland)
Bodega Lampara (Maryland)
EX.T Crabs (Maryland)
EX.T Pinkeye (Maryland)
EX.T Liberty (Maryland)
Four of Us (Maryland)
Welcome to Linover Park (Maryland)
Under The Bridge (Maryland)
Not A Typical Hide (Maryland)
Along a Busy Road (Maryland)
Bully's and Jerks (Maryland)
GR#1 (Maryland)
Coffee Break (Maryland)
Bah Humbug! (Maryland)
Illumination (Maryland)

Tags: baltimore county, geocaching, south jersey

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