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Since it was Chinese New Year this weekend, I decided to head up to Central Jersey since there were more Chinese groceries and restaurants up that way with new year goodies. On Saturday, I went to the South River and Old Bridge area. Although I got some geocaches in smaller parks in the area, I spent most of the day hiking around Phillips Preserve because that is where a bunch of "BC Mania" geocaches area located. Each "BC Mania" geocache is a bottle cap, but some of those were rather bizarre / creative. At the end of the day, I went to a Kam Man, an Asian grocer, in Edison. There are such grocers closer to home too, but none with such curiousities as cartoon bun.

Sunday's trip was to the Princeton / South Brunswick area (including East and West Windsor, Princeton Junction, and Plainsboro) because I wanted to attend the "Time for an intervention-10 Yrs and still caching" geocaching event in South Brunswick. It was for JimmyG's 10-year geocaching anniversary. (I'm already past the 15-year mark myself.) This area had some more -- how shall we say -- unusual caches, including a sneaker cache and a hospital sample jar cache. Not to worry though. I don't think that was really urine in the sample jar! There was also a bit of good walking, despite some rough spots. After hanging around at the event for a little while, I went to Penang in West Windsor for yee sang. That's a dish of raw fish with colorful vegetables, noodles and stuff, a Chinese New Year tradition from the old country.

Saturday 2017-01-28:

Somewhere InBetween (New Jersey)
small woods in south river (New Jersey)
Cache The Rainbow: Zomp (New Jersey)
Cache The Rainbow: Yellow (New Jersey)
SideShow Bob (New Jersey)
Cache The Rainbow: Xanadu (New Jersey)
O.B.P.B. (New Jersey)
BC Mnaia #97 (New Jersey)
Apu Hide (New Jersey)
BC Mania #94 (New Jersey)
BC Mania #71 (New Jersey)
Maggie Hide (New Jersey)
Team Jaguar Character Cache #1 "Ron Swanson" (New Jersey)
BC Mania #68 (New Jersey)
BC Mania #65 (New Jersey)
BC Mania #99 (New Jersey)
BC Mania #61 (New Jersey)
BC Mania #62 (New Jersey)
BC Mania #63 (New Jersey)
BC Mania #70 (New Jersey)
BC Mania #67 (New Jersey)
Home (New Jersey)

Sunday 2017-01-29:

Lucky Star (New Jersey)
(Troop 70913) generalsquawkingbear (New Jersey)
Cranbury Cranberry (New Jersey)
Cranberry Tree (New Jersey)
Cranbury Care Bear (New Jersey)
fore (New Jersey)
SMOKEY BEAR (New Jersey)
Silly Band Trading Post (New Jersey)
Timeless (New Jersey)
Parent's Taxi Service #6 (New Jersey)
The Honey Bear (New Jersey)
Fallin' for ya (New Jersey)
That's not a regular batting cage (New Jersey)
Pirates of Crocodile Swamp (New Jersey)
Food Junction (New Jersey)
Turtle Bridge 2 (New Jersey)
Maintenance Mayhem (New Jersey)
Do Not Block Gate Violators Will Be Towed (New Jersey)
West Windsor Playing Fields (New Jersey)
Adding One from Me to the Park (New Jersey)
Leave A Sample (New Jersey)
My 25th New Jersey Hide (New Jersey)
Bring Your Winning Smile (New Jersey)
Time for an intervention-10 Yrs and still caching (New Jersey)

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