Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Central Jersey (Plainsboro - Edison), NCC and Cecil

As long as it didn't snow, I could go to Central Jersey, and see more weird caches and hit the Chinese supermarket. So Saturday's trip was to Plainsboro, South Brunswick, Kendall Park, Franklin Township, Highland Park, and Edison. It was mostly a geocaching tour of suburban areas and small parks.

On Sunday, I remained relatively close to home to finish up some caches in Bear, Chesapeake City, Newark, Wilmington, and West Chester. There was a surreal cache in Iron Hill with plastic fruit. And there was another that's a stone heart. Some local history was featured too.

Saturday 2017-02-04:

There's No Place Like Home (New Jersey)
Parent's Taxi Service #7 (New Jersey)
O. A. B. 's First Hide (New Jersey)
Yoshi's 2nd hide (New Jersey)
Scenic Stream (New Jersey)
Another Sylvan Cache (New Jersey)
No Dumping III (New Jersey)
Sewercide XXIII (New Jersey)
Freedom Trail II (New Jersey)
"Support" Your Local Parks (New Jersey)
Sylvan Cache #3 (New Jersey)
Reichler Park Cache (New Jersey)
Peek-a-blue (New Jersey)
I Moustache You a Question (New Jersey)
Just Another Bison in an Evergreen Tree (New Jersey)
The Parakeet Suite (New Jersey)
Old Stage Rd Ain't what it used to be (New Jersey)
Van Liew-Suydam House Cache (New Jersey)
Franklin's Finest (New Jersey)
Allie's Alley (New Jersey)
Ring Ring...Hello? (New Jersey)
Ready for some football (New Jersey)
Native American Tribes - Navajo (New Jersey)
EBBL A-Field (New Jersey)

Sunday 2017-02-05:

PLLP#2 (Delaware)
Enjoy A Gingerbread Cookie During Winter (Delaware)
Chesapeake City Road (Delaware)
Helen Titter Park (Maryland)
World's Heaviest LP Skirt! (Maryland)
Valentine's Day Cache (Maryland)
WIMY1: Do not eat! (Delaware)
The Castle Wall (Delaware)
Choose Your Sport (Delaware)
Camp DuPont (Delaware)
The Springs of Brandywine (Delaware)
Camp Mattahoon (Delaware)
The Heartless Giant (Delaware)
Not sliced bread (Delaware)
Nuts about Little Free Libraries! (Pennsylvania)

Tags: cecil county, central jersey, geocaching, new castle county

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