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Presidents Day Weekend - KoP / Berwyn, Reading, Lehigh Valley

Had Monday off so it was a 3-day weekend. Saturday's trip was to nearby Ridley Park for a few caches, then farther north to King of Prussia, Berwyn, Plymouth Meeting, Lansdale, Colmar, and New Britain. The ruins of the Moore-Irwin House were interesting to explore. It looked like a house built into the side of a knoll, so you can climb up the slope and look down into the ruins. Also remarkable was how close this abandoned structure was to modern-day businesses and offices. It's practically just off a parking lot. I also made a side trip to visit the National Memorial Arch in Valley Forge (for Munzee though. Geocaches are not allowed in national parks.) and the Elmwood Park Zoo murals. (In that section of the mural, it looks like the animals are looking at you disapprovingly. I thought it was funny.)

Sunday's trip was to Wyomissing, Sinking Spring, and Reading. This area is a bit rougher and graffiti-filled but I thought it was clever that the cache at this location was camoflaged to blend in with the graffiti. There were some nice spots too, such as a hilltop pavillion near the Penn State campus.

Monday was the real treat of the holiday weekend. I hadn't been to Lehigh Valley in a while, so there were a bunch of cache series waiting. I didn't have enough daylight for everything but I got the Waltons, Snooper & Blabber, some old TV shows, Mel Brooks, the Addams Family, a bunch of cartoons, and a few more around a residential area for good measure. (The cache owners must've watched a lot of TV. :) ) The caches were mostly in parks and cemeteries in Bethlehem, Easton, and Palmer Township. I thought Housenick Park (BTCS series) was the most interesting area because it's the grounds of an old estate with a cellar (or perhaps a dungeon of mystery), a pump house, and historical tennis courts! (No kidding. That's what the sign says!)

Saturday 2017-02-18:

Another Delco Geocache (Pennsylvania)
They Came From the Marsh! (Pennsylvania)
Goose (Pennsylvania)
By Special Request (Pennsylvania)
Rocket_Man Payback (Pennsylvania)
The Moore-Irwin House (Pennsylvania)
Out back Outback (Pennsylvania)
Let Me Outta Here! (Pennsylvania)
Super Wall (Pennsylvania)
Summer Sled (Pennsylvania)
Fish Have Chewy (Pennsylvania)
While We're Here (Pennsylvania)
Rockin' Pumpkin (Pennsylvania)
Lunch Break VIII (Pennsylvania)
Play Ball (Pennsylvania)
Elliebellie (Pennsylvania)
TUROPHOBIA (Pennsylvania)
Capnophobia (Pennsylvania)
Potamophobia (Pennsylvania)
No Tractor Trailers (Pennsylvania)
Paraskavedekatriaphobia (Pennsylvania)
Staurophobia (Pennsylvania)
Lunch Break VII (Pennsylvania)
Veterans Park - First One Ever (Pennsylvania)
Are You Fit to Be a Cacher? II (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2017-02-19:

Thun Trail 729 (Pennsylvania)
Stations Of The Cross (Pennsylvania)
Hippopotomonstrosequippedalaliphobia (Pennsylvania)
My Obsession (Pennsylvania)
L.I.W. - XXXIV (Pennsylvania)
Do fish dance (Pennsylvania)
Childhood Reminiscing #1 (Pennsylvania)
There Are Places I Remember #2 (Pennsylvania)
Hilltop Hangout (Pennsylvania)
The Lion And The Magnetic Fish (Pennsylvania)
The Griffin of Berks (Pennsylvania)
Prior Civilization (Pennsylvania)
TCVG01 - Stonecliffe (Pennsylvania)
3 Doors Down (Pennsylvania)
Set in Stone (Pennsylvania)

Monday 2017-02-20:

Elizabeth Walton’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Erin Walton’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Jason Walton’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Jim Bob Walton’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
John Walton Sr’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
John Boy Walton’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Mary Ellen Walton’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Grandpa Walton’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Olivia Walton’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Grandma Walton’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Ben Walton’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Snooper’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Blabber’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
BTCS 4 (Pennsylvania)
BTCS 5 (Pennsylvania)
BTCS 3 (Pennsylvania)
BTCS 2 (Pennsylvania)
BTCS 1 (Pennsylvania)
Gilligan's Island (Pennsylvania)
Taxi (Pennsylvania)
The Munsters (Pennsylvania)
M*A*S*H (Pennsylvania)
Hogan's Heroes (Pennsylvania)
Mchale's Navy (Pennsylvania)
All in the Family (Pennsylvania)
Industrial Park Walking Path (Pennsylvania)
Fore (Pennsylvania)
BT Open Space II (Pennsylvania)
galactic swag 2.0 (Pennsylvania)
Blazing Saddles (Pennsylvania)
Young Frankenstein (Pennsylvania)
Stamp that Turtle (Pennsylvania)
Mel Brooks (Pennsylvania)
Cousin It’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Uncle Fester’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Gomez Addams Cache (Pennsylvania)
Lurch’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Morticia's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Mighty Mouse’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Speedy Gonzales’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
IT ALL ENDS HERE ALSO (Pennsylvania)
ONE BIG WAREHOUSE (Pennsylvania)

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