Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Bear, Baltimore, and Lehigh Valley

Saturday began with a collection of geocaches in the Caravel Farms area in Bear. Then I headed over to Rosedale, near Baltimore. I wanted to do the cache trail in Double Rock Park but I only got the first two caches before a thunderstorm cut my hike short. So for the rest of the day, I went for caches around shopping centers and office parks in Parkville, Towson, and Essex, between bursts of rain. What's odd about this trip is two caches I had trouble with in the past, "Evil Little Evergreen Hide" and "Suds on a Pedestal", were easy to find. Looking back through the logs, I believe the latter was missing and had been replaced. The former could have been dislodged and is now temporarily in an easier spot.

Sunday's trip was to Lehigh Valley again for another 45 caches. There is method to the madness though. Each park or cemetery, or in some cases the entire town, had caches named for characters from one TV show. So the ones I found that day were from Three's Company, All In The Family, Thundercats, Josie and the Pussycats, Seinfeld, Tom and Jerry, and My Favorite Martian. And the towns I visited were Bath, East Allen, Nazareth, and Tatamy. The Iron Workers Lunch Time sculpture was an interesting find. It's not related to any geocache yet. I saw it while driving to a geocache and I just had to stop and photograph it. Another great location was the Indian Tower. I used the spiral stairs to get to the second level and take some pictures of the scenery.

Saturday 2017-02-25:

Rocky Hide in Caravel (Delaware)
Belltown Run Bridge (Delaware)
As Far As You Can Go in Brevoort Park (Delaware)
Take a Load Off, Karloff (Delaware)
Jayson Drive II Cache (Delaware)
Jayson Drive Cache (Delaware)
Cat Friendly (Delaware)
Cul De Sac Cache (Delaware)
PLLP#3 (Delaware)
Rosedale Travel Bug Hotel (Maryland)
Behind The Church (Maryland)
Welcome to Double Rock (please no dumping ) (Maryland)
'Roo 'Roo 'Roo! (Maryland)
Off Ramp Here? (Maryland)
Au Revoir 2016 (Maryland)
Evil Little Evergreen Hide (Maryland)
Maryland Executive Park (Maryland)
Rolling in the Dough (Maryland)
Pink Floyd Inspired (Maryland)
Mockingbird Cache (Maryland)
Suds on a Pedestal (Maryland)
EX.T BD221 (Maryland)
EX.T Rent and Bent (Maryland)
Eastpoint Tree (Maryland)

Sunday 2017-02-26:

Chrissy’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Janet’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
IT ALL ENDS HERE (Pennsylvania)
The Road to Nowhere II (Pennsylvania)
Meatheads’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Gloria’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Edith’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Archie Bunker’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Stone Post on Trickle Creek (Pennsylvania)
Basketball in a Tree? (Pennsylvania)
Ladybug - ? (Pennsylvania)
Lion-o’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Mother's Day (Pennsylvania)
Cheetara’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Snarf’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Panthro’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Tygra’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
'Can' you find me 3 (Pennsylvania)
I'll Fly Away II (Pennsylvania)
SUPPLY - LPC (Pennsylvania)
Melody Valentine’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Valerie Brown’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Josie McCoy’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Scooby-Doo: Seven Days a Week (Pennsylvania)
Jerry's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Kramer’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Elaine’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Swimming with the Fishies (Pennsylvania)
Newman’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
shhh (Pennsylvania)
Quick Stop (Pennsylvania)
Steal H20 (Pennsylvania)
Tom’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Sign Sign Everywhere a Sign - Holy Family (Pennsylvania)
THE INDIAN TOWER (Pennsylvania)
ET CELL PHONE HOME (Pennsylvania)
Overlooking Nazareth (Pennsylvania)
That was treasy (Pennsylvania)
Park and grab (Pennsylvania)
Lorelei Brown’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Tim O’Hara’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Uncle Martin’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Beetle Bailey’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Sarge's Cache (Pennsylvania)

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