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Came in to work Monday morning to find that all the computers had spontaneously rebooted over the weekend. I heard Windows servers need to be rebooted now and then to keep them in peak running condition so hooray for power brownouts! :)

Speaking of work, I have a lunch interview with a job candidate tomorrow. Hope he's not the quiet type or we'll have to spend more time eating... wait a minute, what's so bad about that?

Spent some time today adding duplicate find logs to the Navicache website. Navicache is like the Geocaching website but with a different database of caches. However, a number of caches are listed on both websites. So, if I can claim a free find on the Navicache site because I already found that cache using the Geocaching site, that's great. Besides, it's always nice to have a backup. Anyway, I'm up to 22 finds on Navicache, which is not bad for no additional effort.

Navicache may be even better as a backup for caches I have hidden. If anything goes wrong with the Geocaching website, all I'll need to do then is copy the coordinates and description from Navicache back to Geocaching. And hey, other cachers can get some free Navicache finds on my caches. Life is good. :)

Stopped by at Michaels in Paramus after work to see if there's anything worth buying with the 40%-off coupon they keep putting in the Sunday paper. I noticed that they were selling some Great PretendEars, headbands with animal ears. You might have seen that kind of thing at a furry convention but it appears headband ears are now mainstream. (uh oh... now the furries will have to try something else to freak the mundanes :) )

Actually, the ones I saw at Michaels are more than just headbands. There is an additional band going down the front of the head with an animal nose at the end. So those are tending a bit more towards being masks. Pretty neat. Hope the store will carry those in adult sizes eventually.
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