Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

NJ/PA Adventures

Got another 11 geocaches. 3 in New Jersey and 8 in Pennsylvania.

Bec's Birthday Cache (New Jersey)
Township park in Ewing. This is supposedly the most challenging of the day's caches. And indeed it was because of all the brush I had to go through. The stream, however, looked a lot deeper than it really was so that wasn't so bad. Going for the cache after a heavy rain is probably not a good idea then.

Gravity Hill (New Jersey)
Baldpate Mountain in Titusville. Gravity Hill is an intersection where vehicles placed in neutral gear would appear to roll uphill. Obviously, that's an optical illusion. Otherwise we'd have an unlimited source of free energy just by having vehicles roll upwards.

The Big Egg (New Jersey)
Kuser Mountain in Titusville. Medium walk up a paved road. Coordinates were way off on this cache. About 94 feet from my ground zero. Thankfully it was easy to spot.

Bowman Hill Wildflower Preserve in New Hope. This park takes wildflowers seriously. Access is through push-button gate. When I went into the visitor's center to pay the admission fee, the attendant gave me a trail map and a chart listing all the wildflowers and where they may be found. They even have guided tours of the park but I didn't stick around for that.

Bloomfield (Pennsylvania)
Pennypack Park in NE Philadelphia. This park follows the Pennypack Creek as it winds its way to the Delaware River. The cache is in one of the many sections of Pennypack Park.

Lorimer Park Laurel Ridge (Pennsylvania)
Lorimer Park in Abington. This is the third in a series of caches placed by park staff. I think it's nice for the park to provide its own geocaches. No question about maintenance or permission that way.

Rhawn St Cache (Pennsylvania)
Yet another section of Pennypack Park. Parked in residential area and accessed trails from there.

fighting,, photo-bubbles (Pennsylvania)
Deep Meadow Park in Horsham. Met a family of geocachers at the cache site. It turns out that they were first-time cachers and this was their first cache.

Grandmom's Basement! (Pennsylvania)
Peace Valley Park in Doylestown. Through the woods and over the river. Lots of trails in this park and navigation is easy because at every trail intersection, there is a sign telling you which trail each direction is.

Bit - o' - Bucks (Pennsylvania)
In New Britain. Cache and dash. The paint job on the ammo box is pretty good though. Somewhat of a jungle scene with all the leaf-shapes painted on it.

School Yard Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
School Road Park in Hatfield. The park was very busy in the evening so I had to be careful when retrieving and rehiding the cache. I don't think anyone saw what I was doing though.

Dinner was at Siam Cuisine in Buckingham, PA. I've gone past that restaurant many times before on the way home from central Bucks County so I figured I'd give it a try. Not bad at all, although they seem to be suffering from a lack of business on Sunday evening. I had the green curry. It was actually closer to a pale yellow, which is what I would expect for a light-colored curry. Mildly spicy, although I think they can adjust that. I'd probably go there again to try another dish. I also saw another Thai restaurant in New Britain so I may try that too.

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