Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Three geocaches and a movie

Lame Roadside Cache #2 (New Jersey)
Near the Cleveland Bridge in Mahwah. Did really, really badly on this one but still ended up being the first finder. For a road that supposedly leads to a small community, there sure was a lot of traffic going that way. But it's a neat bridge and an unusual cache.

Island Pond (New York)
Appalachian Trail in the Island Pond area in Harriman State Park. Just walk in and find it. Very straightforward. The access road is actually for people with boating permits (and a gate key) to drive to the boat launch.

Flat Stuff (New Jersey)
Multi-stage cache in Mountainside Park in Pequannock Township. Not that long of a walk but some elevation changes, especially near the three stages of the cache. No problems getting to and finding each of the stages though.

And then I went to the Kinnelon Clearview to watch a matinee screening of Matrix Reloaded. I figured this theater, out in Morris County, would be less crowded than the ones in Paramus and Palisades Center and that was right. There were maybe only about 20 people spread out over a few hundred seats. I didn't think the movie was as good as the first one though. More special effects but less story so it seems to drag here and there.

Pictures: The Cleveland Bridge, Island Pond geocache, Dog riding in the back of a truck
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