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Why I'm Not A Food Critic X

I was working a bit late this evening so I decided to have dinner in Ramsey. The TGI Friday's was packed and there would've been at least 20 people on the waiting list ahead of me. Just across the highway, the Tiffany Diner had immediate seating. Just what is it about those chain restaurants that makes them so popular? Of course the TGI Friday's has a certain hip factor and maybe there's some entertainment value there with the bar, the music and the TVs but is that worth the wait?

Anyway, I went to the Tiffany Diner. It happens to be one of the few places around here where you can get Krispy Kreme donuts, although I didn't buy any this time. The funny thing about many diners in NJ is the way they resemble train cars. The Bendix Diner in Hasbrouck Heights looks especially like one. The resemblance here is more subtle and is limited to the shiny surfaces on the exterior and curves where the wall meets the ceiling.

I had the Chicken Florentine. It was two lumps of chicken stuffed with cheese and vegetables, smothered with gravy, mushrooms and more veggies, and served on rice. Sometimes it's hard to tell if the recipe came from Florence, Italy or Florence, NJ. It does taste somewhat better than the way I described it though, and is very satisfying. And the dinner special came with soup, salad and a dessert, plus the complimentary bread basket.

Picture: Diner sign reflected on the shiny exterior of the diner

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