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Just one of many Georgers

Took this guy on a lunch interview... so there he was all suited up and formal, while I was just a shabby mess. Hah. Went to my favorite Chinese and Japanese restaurant in Pearl River, two towns over from work. Well, I guess I know how to make him feel at ease as I accidentally tipped some of my salad over and from there on, who cared about protocol? Just eat up. :) Anyway, I did ask enough questions to make sure he was up to snuff so the interview goal was accomplished.

Went to CompUSA after work to pick up the free items of the week. This week, they had PDA accessories on rebate. Good stuff, and I do need the multifunction stylus, having lost a few of those in the woods already! Anyway, I noticed that the regular cashiers had the day off, and the management and senior sales people had taken over the cash registers. Must be a special day. The 'product specialist' working the register saw the Where's George stamp on my bills and said that he sees some of these every day in the back room. He also told me that he found a bunch of bills with a red stamp. Whoa! Other georgers in the area?? :) (I use blue ink, not red.) Actually, it was no surprise to me as I'd taken a look at the WG profile list for NJ and there are indeed some active georgers in Bergen County. So far, none are as nuts about it as yours truly. Still, it's nice to have some confirmation that they're out there.

Next stop was the Paramus Park Mall. There must be some kind of optical illusion there as what I thought was the center of the mall wasn't. So I had to walk a little inside the mall to get to the food court, where I intended to pick up a box of Arthur Treacher's fish for dinner. Unfortunately, Arthur Treacher's had gone out of business! Waugh!! See what happens when I don't go to the mall for a few months? Stores just disappear.

While looking for Arthur Treacher's on the web, I found this story. What a forehead slapper.

I was also fairly disappointed at the Waldenbooks in the mall because their computer book section had shrunk down to a mere two short columns of shelves. The investment book section had undergone a similar shrinkage. Sign of the times, huh?

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