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More hardware failure

The floppy drive on the Sony Mavica MVC-FD71 is dead. And all it took was an accidental drop in the parking lot. Well okay, the drive had been acting flaky in the past few days so it was going to break anyway. This jackhammer is the second last picture I took with it. There's been a lot of roadwork on that stretch of the Franklin Turnpike in Ramsey recently.

I do have a spare camera, a Mavica FD83, but I can probably start shopping for a digital camera some time this year.

The carnival is in town. Same place as where the circus was: Lions Park in Upper Saddle River. If I'm in the mood tonight I'll go there for a zeppole.

Got my credit report from Trans Union today. (Under NJ law, I can get one free report per year.) It's surprising how many credit cards are listed in there so I'll have to track them down tonight and cancel any of those that I'm not using.

I visited Charlie and Leonardo's Dream in Allentown, PA on Saturday to collect the information for the virtual cache. The questions required some additional research, which I completed today, and so I've now logged it. I realize some geocachers feel that virtual caches aren't as substantive as regular caches. That's generally true but once in a while, you find a virtual, like this one, that has a good story behind it and isn't a trivial drive-by.

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