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Why I'm Not A Food Critic XI

I was at the Palisades Center Mall on Monday and saw a sign saying that the Arby's in the food court would be open on May 30th, which is today. I called the mall customer service to verify that and the customer rep said that yes, Arby's was open today. So guess what I found when I went to the mall... Right, it wasn't open. Today was the training day. Argh! By the way, since they're training, shouldn't they be practicing making all those roast beef sandwiches? And if so, couldn't I have one or two or a pile of those? :)

So I went to the Cheesecake Factory on the first level. The restaurant actually opened in mid-May but I never went because it was crowded every evening. At around 2:30pm on Friday afternoon, however, it was only 3/4 full and so I could get immediate seating.

Okay, in fairness, I probably didn't pick the best item on the menu to try. I had the crabcake sandwich. I thought the crabcake was good though. I've had crabcakes that range from Maryland-style to globs of flour and sawdust, and this crabcake was at the upper end. It came sandwiched (of course) between lightly-toasted hamburger buns and accompanied by shoestring fries (pretty good too) and some tomatoes and lettuce.

I didn't get any dessert this time though. Just couldn't bring myself to pay eight dollars for one slice of cheesecake, not even if it's the best cheesecake ever. Maybe another time.

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