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All New Jersey Weekend


Rainy day. Actually, it was okay in the morning for the first few geocaches then it started raining on and off. Went down the state on the Turnpike side. Got 12 caches. And after all that, stopped by lowen_kind's place in the evening for a chat since I was passing through the area on the way home.

Pigeon (New Jersey)
Pigeon Swamp State Park in South Brunswick. This should be mosquitoland, instead of Mosquitoland. There were thousands of mosquitoes here. Got more exercise by smacking them than from the actual walk to the cache.

Fisherman's Cache (New Jersey)
Davidson's Mill Pond County Park in North Brunswick. Only a few miles away from Pigeon.

Small park and field in Riverside. I think the title of this cache is a statement by the cache owner about some people who just go around picking up easy caches to boost their find counts. Whatever.

Meow, meow, meow!! (New Jersey)
Gibbsboro. Wow! A cache placed by cats! So of course I put a dog in there.

What's a Lakeview Worth ? (New Jersey)
Lake Worth in Clementon. This looks like an abandoned park. The gates are closed and the parking lot is in a state of disrepair.

Parvin ADA (New Jersey)
Parvin State Park in Elmer. This cache has had quite a history of plundering. I think it was replaced twice last year and didn't last very long either time. This year, it was replaced again and I got a heads up from njski and so I had to go check it out. It was still there when I went. And no wonder it got stolen. The cache was practically at the trail and visible to anyone who walked by. Indeed, flipping through the log book, I saw many logs from non-geocachers.

Mosquitoland (New Jersey)
Parvin State Park. Short walk. Easy find even though it's tricky. I've seen this kind of hide before so I knew it when I saw it.

Start Me Up cache (New Jersey)
Parvin State Park. Longer walk on the main paved path and then a trail. The area was full of knee-high bushes and while going from the trail to the cache, I saw what I thought was a black rubber hose. I was wondering why someone threw out a perfectly good rubber hose when suddenly it moved and slithered away! Yes, that was a snake. So it probably wasn't too safe to go stomping around in those bushes because who knows what's hiding in there. But snakes will usually sense your presence and leave before you see them.

Cache of Willow Oak (New Jersey)
Willow Oak WMA in East Vineland. Two-stage cache. I bushwhacked directly from the first stage to the second stage. Probably would have been a bit easier to follow the trails but that would've involved going back to the parking lot from the first stage.

EastSide Blues (New Jersey)
The main trail was easy but then there was a teeny weeny trail nearly hidden by the bushes that I needed to take to go the final 500 feet or so to the cache. So of course I missed it and had to go back and look for it.

RIVER WALK (New Jersey)
Millville. Nice walk on the boardwalk by the Maurice River. Most caches in this area are over by the Union Lake WMA so this was an interesting change of scenery.

Right of Way (New Jersey)
Mauricetown Crossway, Millville. A short way up the old railway tracks and past some sandloaders.


Heavier rain. But it got better in the afternoon and the sun came out in the evening. Went down the Parkway side of the state. Got 9 caches. Stopped at the Arby's in Northfield (a town just outside of Atlantic City) for dinner.

Hangin' Out in Cheesequake (New Jersey)
Cheesequake State Park in Matawan. Unusual hide near the picnic area. Unfortunately, there was water in the cache and the log sheet was soaked.

2003 Geocachers' Picnic Cache (New Jersey)
Cheesequake State Park. This cache was filled at the picnic and hidden some time after that.

The Bridge Less Traveled (New Jersey)
Manasquan Reservoir in Howell. New trail near the new Nature Center. Raining heavily at this time.

Greyflank's First Cache (New Jersey)
charger's cache. Arboretum in the Ocean County College campus.

Penny Pot (New Jersey)
Penny Pot area on the Great Egg River, or one of its branches, in Folsom. Picture: Scenic river area. As you can see in the picture, the water was perfectly calm and mirror-like. The only reason I did this first is the Atlantic City Expressway had a very long stretch with no Westbound exits. The exit to 12th Street in Hammonton is the first one after the tolls. I have no idea why as there are more Eastbound exits. Perhaps US-322 or US-30 would be better for local destinations.

Of Historical Significance - You add the history (New Jersey)
Weymouth Furnace in Mays Landing. Interesting ruins. Also a picnic area although I was the only one there because of the rain.

Makepeace Lake in Mays Landing. Dirt road drive to the cache site but easy to do.

"Heya Ralphie Boy" (New Jersey)
Hammonton WMA near the Norton Branch of the Hammonton Creek in Hammonton. Somewhat longer walk along an old dirt road.

Walkers Forge (New Jersey)
NJ Fish and Game area in Mays Landing near Estelle. Another of those weird areas where the dirt roads all have names. This particular road is Burnett Ave, although the first puddle could swallow a car!

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