Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

And how about Monday?

Just Another Pipe in the Woods (New York)
Congers, NY. I think this is the North End of the Rockland Lake State Park. Very hilly area but the cache was only about 800 feet up the Long Path from where I parked. This is the picture I took of the path leading to Snedekers Landing. That's not the trail to the cache though. The correct route would be uphill to the right.

Did the laundry in the evening. Then I went to Palisades Center to finally check out the Arby's in the food court. The opening date was supposed to be May 30th but they weren't ready on that day. They were ready this evening, more or less. There was still some stumbling around but that's understandable as it was only the third day of operation. I had the homestyle pot roast sandwich. Normally, I go for one of the roast beef sandwiches when I visit an Arby's far from home because that's quick to make. Since I had more time this evening, I decided to try that new menu item. Tastes pretty good but the mistake is in using a baguette to make the sandwich. It got very soggy from the pot roast gravy and the cheese. Perhaps they should use a roll instead. Another problem is unlike the standalone restaurants, they didn't have the horsey sauce. But they may get that eventually. It's early yet.
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