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Geo Jamboree Weekend


The highlight of the day was the Geo Jamboree, a geocachers' picnic held at Ward Pound Ridge in Cross River, NY. And of course it rained. Heavily. Nevertheless there was food. There were prizes. And there was quite a turnout, proving that we're a bunch of diehards. (Well okay... those who were camping would've been there anyway but what were the rest of us doing going to a rainy picnic? :) ) Anyway, I got some caches both before and after the picnic for a total of 8. And yeah, broke 1600 caches on this day. A minor milestone.

Quarry in the Quarry (New York)
Cranberry Lake Preserve in North Castle. This is an orienteering cache, in which only the parking coordinates are provided. You're supposed to find two points following the map and instructions and the cache is at the second point. I didn't exactly get there the best possible way but more or less muddle through and was successful.

Not So Far from the Maddening Crowd (New York)
Nichols Preserve in Armonk. Short walk from parking. Ending up on the wrong side of the lake appears to be a fairly common occurrence but that's fairly easy to correct.

Walkin The Dog (New York)
Agnes Meyer Preserve in Mt Kisco. Fairly easy walk through open fields.

Arthur's Seat (New York)
Arthur Ketchum Memorial Sanctuary in Bedford. Wait a minute... isn't that the same last name as the kid on Pokemon? A moderate walk on horse trails once I was out of the church grounds. Less than great GPS reception led to some guesswork as to the cache location but that wasn't too difficult.

Spirit Lodge (New York)
Halle Ravine in Pound Ridge. It was raining heavily by the time I got there. Interesting area. There are trails both halfway up the ridge and along the stream. And the stream trail had lots of small wooden bridges.

Geo Jamboree (New York)
Meadow Picnic Area in the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. Raining heavily throughout the picnic. Got to meet lots of geocachers I hadn't met before though. Good conversation. Good food. And let's face it... once you get completely wet from the rain, you can't get any wetter.

Winkin Blinkin and Nod Cache (Connecticut)
Woodcock Nature Center in Ridgefield. First of the two caches I hit after the picnic. Relatively easy walk down the trail. Rather long bushwhack though as it is intended not to be too close to either of the two trails bracketing it. And I didn't pick the easiest way in. Also the coordinates were accurate only to two decimal places but that turned out not to be too bad.

On vacation cache (New York)
Ninham Mountain MUA in Carmel. Despite not being too far from the road, this cache turned out to be a bit of a challenge. The dripping wet closely-spaced pine trees were very effective at blocking GPS signals so I couldn't get a GPS reading anywhere in the woods. But I figured out roughly where it was using a compass and went around looking at trees until I found the cache. It helped that I'd seen this kind of hide several times before in South Jersey.

Picture: Sunset over the West Branch Reservoir in Carmel.


Started a bit later this morning but still managed to get 12 caches anyway. Just did a loop through Fairfield County in Connecticut. The weather was much better. Cloudy but it didn't rain.

Tanky Tramper's (T2) (Connecticut)
Brett Woods Open Space in Fairfield. Accessed the woods from the side of a residential road so it was a quick dash and bag.

Tanky (T1) (Connecticut)
Mountain Laurel Open Space in Fairfield. Accessed the woods from a dead end residential road. Another relatively quick one.

Tanky Tramper's Tenacious (T3) (Connecticut)
Grace Richardson Park in Fairfield. I'd been there before for the PT Barnum cache. This cache was on another part of the trails.

Tanky Tramper's Tenacious Task (T4) (Connecticut)
Wooded area behind Fairfield High School. Small cache hidden in the woods but the hiding spot made sense once I found it.

Tanky Tramper's Tenacious Tunxis Task (T5) (Connecticut)
Tunxis Hill Park in Fairfield. The way I accessed it, the place might as well just be a wooded area behind the Kohl's parking lot. Did see a baseball field though so the proper parking area must be on the other side of the park. This is another micro hidden in the woods but once again, the hiding spot could be figured out easily.

"Cola's Cache" at Perry's Mill Pond (Connecticut)
Perry's Mill Pond in Fairfield. The river was flowing very fast because of the excess water from the heavy rains the day before.

"Cola's Cache" at Pine Creek (Connecticut)
Pine Creek in Fairfield. A confusing place. There has to be an official parking area somewhere but for the two caches so far, I've only accessed the area from the school. This part of the park doesn't look very much like a park. More like an extension of the nearby municipal facility. The South end might be better.

The (no and then) Car Crash Island Cache (Connecticut)
First of the three caches at the Huntington State Park in Redding. This island shows up as a peninsula on all the maps. It's pretty interesting anyway as there's a bridge going to it from the main trail.

Cuzin Tommys' Snicker Fixed M + M's Cache (Connecticut)
Second of the three caches at the Huntington State Park in Redding. Straightforward walk, followed by a bushwhack through the mountain laurel.

Dogg's Super Stacked Cache (Connecticut)
Third of the three caches at the Huntington State Park in Redding. Another straightforward walk to get near the cache. More difficult climb up to the cache though so I was wondering if there was an easier way. Met some cachers near the cache site who were just leaving.

Songs From the Woods (Connecticut)
Tarrywile Park in Danbury. Unusual place. Deep dark woods abutt the open fields. There's an abandoned building with part of the roof missing but there's no indication of what it was. And the building is next to a mysterious paved section with a concrete planter. Easy walk until the hilly section. Then the trail marking were confusing so I went straight up to the top of the ridge to get the cache.

Cathedral In The Pines (Connecticut)
Saugatuck Falls Natural Area in Redding. Easy walk until the part of the trail near the falls. That's where it got very uneven, rocky and full of roots. And to make things worse, the rocks and roots were perpetually wet and slippery from the waterfall mist. The cache, however, was easy to spot. I was using my headlamp and the cache container reflected the light so it was very obvious.

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