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Outlet tour

Sunny, then cloudy. 64-77°F. I'd been meaning to visit the Rehoboth Beach outlet malls for some time because I hadn't been there in a while and I have a sheet of coupons from Tanger. I figured today was as good a day as any since there are new geocaches in Kent County that I could do on the way there.

I thought the first geocache of the day, "Light Cache", was in a neat location. It's between the second and third floors of a lighthouse. Of course, this lighthouse is far from the sea because it's a display lighthouse at a store that sells sheds, play equipment, and other things you can place in your yard. Ordinarily, I'd say that I can't imagine who would buy that, except that I've already seen a lighthouse in someone's front yard.

The other thing I thought was neat is a series of geocaches by Trison78 where all the caches are various plastic animals and the cache names are scientific names for those animals. So "ANURA" was a frog geocache. If you don't recognize the order or genus then it'll be a surprise. I may have to brush up on taxonomy; I knew that "APIS" was a bee but didn't connect "CAELIFERA" to grasshopper. I'm waiting for a "VULPES" cache though. :)

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First State Challenge 2011

I did the First State Challenge 2011 this weekend. In this series, there were 23 geocaches all over the state and it took two days to find all of those, more due to the driving distance between geocaches than the time it took to find each cache. While I was in Southern Delaware, I did other geocaches that weren't in the series too, so as not to waste the trip.

On Saturday, my strategy was to go to Kent and Sussex Counties and try to do as many FSC caches as possible. I got only one FTF, which was on "FSC-2011 Odessa", but I expected that because I figured other geocachers would be coming up from the south and I didn't start right away because I had to take care of a yard waste errand that morning. I got 16 out of 23 FSC caches in Saturday's run, which was more than I thought I could do. In Sussex County, only one cache in Lewes remained. That was fine because it gave me an excuse to return to the shore area on Sunday.

On Sunday, I started early in the morning and did the FSC caches in New Castle County. Then I went to Lewes to find "FSC-2011 Zwaanendael Museum" and complete the series. It was still early in the afternoon, so I continued geocaching in Lewes, Dewey Beach, and Rehoboth Beach. The last cache of the day was conveniently on the road behind one of the Tanger outlet malls, so I went outlet shopping after that until it was time for dinner. There wasn't much of a shopping crowd -- hardly anyone at all in the stores, actually -- but it's still early in the season.

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Rehoboth Beach

Sunny, 90°F. Today, I went down Route 1 to Rehoboth Beach. It was more of a shopping trip than a geocaching trip, although I did get a bunch of caches on the way and in town. I'm not that fond of going to the outlet malls, especially in the Summer when you have shopping traffic combined with shore traffic, making the whole resort town pretty much a nightmare. However, I was down to my last pair of general-purpose shoes and the Reebok outlet over there is one place where I can usually find size 15 wide shoes and try those on. Plus, I had a set of outlet mall coupons for this month. I also stopped at the Corelle Outlet to buy a single plate to replace the one that I took to the office. Yes, I'm pretty much a one-or-two-items-per-store shopper.

Most of the geocaches I did today were on or near Route 1 and US-13. I think the two most challenging geocaches of the day were "MHS Victory" and "1~11~11". At the latter, it seemed the entire mosquito population of Rehoboth Beach was at the cache site. "Reduce Reuse Recycle" was a difficult hide too but it took me just a second to realize that it was hidden the exact same way as the cache owner's other cache, "Summer Snow", and how convenient it was that I visited the two caches in sequence.

Dinner was a turkey burger at Hardee's in Middletown. I figured it would be better to go most of way home before stopping for food, so I wouldn't be faced with a 1.5-hour drive after dinner.

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First State Challenge

Cloudy and 65-75°F. Went to the southern part of the state today to complete the First State Challenge. I'd already found 12 of the 22 caches on previous trips out, so I only needed to do the remaining 10, but because of the distances involved, those were just about all I had time for. I did find a few more that weren't part of the challenge. "DGT Nutter Marvel Carriage Museum" was at the entrance to the historical society compound where "FSC-2010 Georgetown" was. "Rehoboth Beach Travel Bug Condo" was on the way out (well, give or take a few turns) from "FSC-2010 Rehoboth Beach". And "Recycle Delaware" was on the way home and findable in the dark.

Since this excursion ended in Rehoboth Beach, we browsed the Tanger outlet stores there. Didn't buy anything though. I knew from past experience that their prices weren't that great but it's still interesting to see what's available.

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