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First Monday Monthly Meet

This wasn't my first day of work for the year since I was in on Friday, but it still seemed like a lot of things started today.

In the afternoon, I went for the Rebellious Girls geocache. It was near the Daughters of the Revolution monument in Hillburn, NY.

Then, in the evening, I went to the NNJC - "First Monday" Monthly Meet & Greet 2009 geocaching event at Fuddruckers in Parsippany. A few new faces but mostly the same people as last month. Traded lots of travel bugs since I brought a bagful. I got a $3 coupon from the Fuddruckers mailing list just this afternoon so I brought it with me to use at the meet. The coupon was for a fresh garden salad. I asked the cashier if I could use it on a chicken taco salad. He said no, but gave me a chicken taco salad anyway. Go figure. After finishing the taco salad, I went to the fixings bar and made myself some tomatoes and cheese.
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NNJC Monthly Meet

UCPN Festival of Trees

Tonight, while on my way to a geocaching event, I made a slight 3-mile detour to Wallington for the Close to Brothers geocache. The cache site is a war memorial on a traffic island. The street it is on is fairly quiet for an urban area. I parked on a nearby residential street, took a walk over, and made the easy FTF.

Then I went to Fuddruckers in Parsippany for the NNJC - First Monday Meet and Greet monthly geocaching event. This time, I came prepared with a $3 coupon from the Fuddruckers mailing list. I had a crispy chicken sandwich and got a refill of fries too.

I know I shouldn't go to every monthly meet because I've been at odds with this group before but it wasn't too out of my way this evening. I'll think about it again when the January meet comes around.
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NNJC Monthly Event

Lambert Castle

This afternoon, I went to Lambert Castle in Paterson for the On The LAMbert geocache. It was a simple and quick geocache, but I remember this area as the place where I made a wrong turn into once while on my way to Garrett Mountain.

In the evening, I visited the I'm Not Common geocache at a strip mall parking lot in Parsippany. Then I attended the NNJC - "First Monday" Monthly Meet & Greet geocaching event at Fuddruckers, also in Parsippany. There was a decent turnout for the event. I had a 1/3-lb burger with brownie. This particular Fuddruckers offers unlimited fries so I had another serving, and another one. Then I had to stop because I was full. Unlike that other Fuddruckers in New Brunswick, this one doesn't have a seafood platter. I miss that.

I didn't stay until the end of the event but unfortunately, I was still a bit too late to shop at Micro Center in Paterson. They closed at 9pm.

Before Hanna

Old Troy Park

I knew Tropical Storm Hanna would hit this area some time today, so I just went to Parsippany, not too far away, for a few geocaches.

It was a damp early afternoon. Cloudy and the temperature was around 80°F. Near the park and ride lot in Parsippany, I'd just finished with the "Park and (H)Ride" geocache and was heading back out when I saw a lady coming down that trail. She told me that she was looking for a strange man who lives back in the woods. I hadn't suspected there might be a hobo back there because I didn't see any tents or boxes and, beyond the usual litter 20-30 feet from the parking area, the wooded area was quite clean. I should've asked her why she was looking for the man but didn't.

After the third cache, the rain started coming down heavily so I went home.

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Western NJ

Sunny day, again around 80°F. I'd prepared a batch of geocache info down in Central Jersey and a travel route down I-287, but when I hit the Morristown area, I remembered that there were a lot of geocaches down by Randolph that I hadn't done yet. So for the rest of the day, I got geocache coordinates by cell phone, one at a time. I did part of the WWII Aircraft series that way and it was a fun time on the Randolph Trails, albeit with a bit too much bushwhacking at times.

Did more litter patrol too. Morris County is actually quite clean, with only the odd bottle here and there. The exception was the area surrounding the "Skating On Thin Ice" geocache. It looked like people had been partying just a few steps into the woods and leaving their bottles all over the place. I packed out most of that litter. Nevertheless, I don't think it's a good cache site. Litter is a sign that lots of people go back there. That means it'll be likely that someone will find the cache by accident and steal or vandalize it.

Dinner, refuel, and shopping this evening were all in Ramsey, close to home, because that was easier than figuring out where to get all those done in the Parsippany area.

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Hungry Buffalo

Event Token

Took the day off since it was my birthday. Slept in and had a leisurely breakfast since it was bathrobe-and-fuzzy-slippers weather this morning.

In the afternoon, I went out to the Parsippany area (and also Morris Plains, Denville, Whippany, Florham Park, and Boonton) to do a bunch of geocaches. Most of them were easy. "Florham Park Footbridge" was tiny and harder to see, so it took a bit of staring at the hiding spot. At "Duf's 266", there was a police car in the parking area. I thought the police officer would question me for going under the railroad bridge and looking around for the geocache but he just sat in his car the whole time. I guess I wasn't suspicious enough.

Then, in the evening, I ended the day by attending the "Hungary Hungry Buffalo" geocaching event. The event was at Buffalo Wild Wings in Port Chester. First, I had Honey BBQ Wings. Those were supposed to be a "medium" (according to the menu) but they really weren't anything to write home about. For my second helping, I had Hot BBQ Wings. Now, that was more like it! Rather hot at first but I actually got used to the heat and then it was good eating.

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