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Tax filing and local geocaches

I'd done most of my tax return a week ago. Late last night, I finished it and printed out one package of forms each for Federal and New Jersey State partial year. (The Delaware partial year tax return was the only one I could file online. My Federal return needs documentation that can't be e-filed and H&R Block At Home wasn't letting me e-file the NJ State return either.) Mailed the tax returns this morning at the main post office in town. Then what? A bit of geocaching, of course.

Got a few geocaches in Battery Park, near downtown New Castle. Then swung over to northern Wilmington for two more. Crossed over into Pennsylvania, specifically the towns of Upper Chichester, Boothwyn, and Marcus Hook for the last five. Did some shopping after that. I was wondering why the Borders store in Newark was crowded until I found out that this store was holding a special event in conjunction with the release of the New Moon DVD at midnight. So all those people were hanging around the center of the store for hours, waiting for that.

Got home and saw another tax document in the mail. Ordinarily, this would be annoying because I'd just filed my return but this time, it's not a problem. I noticed that this Schedule K-1 was missing from my pile of forms so I got it myself from the company website, figuring that the mailing had gotten lost or delayed.

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Taxes, Palisades Center lunchtime trip, and Johnny Rockets again

Yantacaw Brook Park

Finished my tax returns, both Federal and State, last night. I had already done nearly all of them earlier this month but I was waiting until the end of March to see if any more 1099 corrections would come in. Also, if I submit the tax return after midnight on April Fools' Day, then when the IRS asks me if this is a joke, I can point to the e-file date. :) Seriously though, I think the numbers are correct. I spot-checked the Taxcut output and went through the checklist of dividend and capital gains worksheet items a few times, although I'm not really sure why I should go to so much trouble any more considering that Treasury Secretary Geithner is a tax cheat.

Anyway, it appears I paid too much estimated taxes last year so I have a Federal tax refund. However, I'm applying it to this year's estimated taxes. I won't get a check but I'll pay less in the Q1 1040-ES. From the state tax return, I'll get back around $700. I e-filed the Federal tax return last night. E-file for the state tax return is not included in the Taxcut package so I went to the Palisades Center post office to mail it. After that, since it was lunch time and since they keep giving me that big returning customer discount, I went to Johnny Rockets and had a Rocket Single and a Mr. Pibb Float. (They ran out of root beer and had to improvise.)

I started thinking though. If Johnny Rockets is an homage to '50s-style burger joints, does this mean that 50 years from now, people will recreate restaurants from today for nostalgia value? What eateries from this era would people reminisce about? "Back in my day, we had Mall Food Courts with Real Plastic Trays." or "We used to go to this place called Dunkin Donuts, sonny, but that was before caffeine and pastry release implants." Maybe there'll even be sit-down restaurant theme parks where you can see cheesy replicas of Chili's, Olive Garden, Bennigan's, Ruby Tuesday, and TGI Friday's with Authentic Junk on the Walls, all under one roof.
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Freedom from tax season began here

Gregg Froehner Park

Mailed the Federal and State tax returns at the Park Ridge post office this afternoon. So, unless there are problems, I'm done with this tax season. I don't expect my 2008 taxes to be as high as 2007 but a lot can happen.

In the evening, I went to Wayne for the FREEDOM BEGAN HERE geocache. It's at Gregg Froehner Park off a residential road. Actually, I'm not sure that's part of the park. The cache was actually at the edge of a fenced-in Revolutionary War burial ground. I didn't see much in the fenced-in area though. The place is overgrown. There were only a few headstones that I could see.

After that, since the route I used to avoid the Garden State Parkway went right by the mall, I stopped at Garden State Plaza for dinner. I didn't know the food court had Thai food. However, as is usually the case at a mall food court, it isn't very authentic. (It's more Chinese than Thai.) I had mango chicken, tofu vegetables, and pad thai.
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Taxes, Sprint


I got the last figure -- the earnings on the Roth IRA excess contribution -- that I needed for my taxes, so I added that to Taxcut, after looking through nearly the whole hierarchy of interviews for the correct spot to put that number in. Although Taxcut has a help system, it doesn't tell you much about less-used functions. I also updated the Ameritrade Izone numbers from a 1099 correction they sent a few days ago. One number changed but it didn't have any effect on the total. It was only a change in the return of capital distribution. Since I had everything I needed, I finalized the tax return, printed out 34 pages in total, packed it into two large envelopes for Federal and State, and wrote $9,850 in checks. (It may sound high but I'd actually overestimated it. I'd set aside around $12K in cash for that.) Going to the post office later today.

I read this article at Consumerist in which Michael got a loyalty discount from Sprint just by asking for it. I've been with Sprint for a long time, longer than Michael, so I thought I'd try that too. Sent an email to Sprint yesterday morning using their contact form and within a few hours, I received a reply from a customer service representative. I got a 15% discount! Nice!
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Taxes and Sausages

Flushing Meadows Corona Park - Unisphere

Just received the last item I needed for my tax return today. It's a Schedule K-1 that is always late because one of the stocks I own is a MLP and it doesn't release its year-end results until early March. So I went through and completed the rest of the sections in Taxcut for both Federal and State. I still can't file yet though for two reasons:

1. I have to withdraw an excess Roth IRA contribution and the earnings from that have to be added to the tax return as well. Went through the same thing last year, so I have experience. :)

2. There may still be more 1099 corrections coming in.

But the best reason not to file just yet is my tax refund is four figures negative so I might as well earn a few weeks' worth of interest on that first.

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